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Interviewer : "Do you think IQ is genetic dynamic and not atmospheric?"

Jared : "Atmospheric? I don't think IQ changes with weather!"

My sides hurt. Dude confused environmental with atmospheric.

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Black excellence right there.

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Especially in the end, right before closing the debate, the interviewer asked Jared what his IQ is and he replied that he doesn't know. Interviewer replied that his IQ is greater than Jared's. Signs of getting triggered right there.

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Followed by "I'm a (social) scientist", which in 99.9% cases means "Waaaahhh, I'm not a dumbfuck!!!"

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Not even a minute in and he already went wE wUz KaNgS wE bUiLt PyRaMiDz AnD sHeIiIiIit.

What else can one expect from the likes of him?

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What's funny about the pyramids stuff,

How can blacks claim to be both a hyper intelligent race that built civilization, but then they got enslaved and became the poorest group in every nation they ever lived in?

Imagine if we kidnapped Aliens who claim their ancestors could master space travel, but 100 years later, they struggle with inventing the wheel?

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I did say this in a debate irl and he was so triggered that he started yelling. I replied - "There you go. I can see why your kind is so worthless". Thankfully no one was filming.

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Because the intent isn't to parade negro superiority. It's to make White people a target for angry negroes who can't get it together and don't want to address their actual problems. Negro fragility is real.

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Because the intent isn't to parade negro superiority. It's to make White people a target for angry negroes who can't get it together and don't want to address their actual problems.

That depends on who you meet.

Like that one Black cartoonist who seriously believes Black people taught White Cavemen how to be civilized. MRAsheed was his name.

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Mr. Taylor has been doing this for 30 years. You can find TV Interviews from the 1990s where he defends IQ & Race are connected, and the naysayers always fail at proving otherwise.

And that says it all. From 1992 to 2022, why hasn't there been a single year where Blacks, Whites, Asians and other races are all considered equal?

Millions, if not, billions of dollars have been pumped into "anti-racist" programs for decades. But there is still no example on Earth where every single racial group is the same. Not one.

This fact is just as much sad as it is infuriating. The West will eventually bankrupt itself in this ungodly push for multiculturalism, just as how Brazil and South Africa are now considered failed states despite having successful origins.

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Jared really looks great with that moustache.

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Yeah, he must support Movember

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It's a hollow victory. The dude was obviously a complete moron, but he still gave Taylor the chance to air his views and debate him on his show. Smirking and showing contempt isn't really going to help anything. I don't understand the appeal of Taylor. He largely just states the obvious, is too obsessed with IQ tests, and refuses to call out the primary source of anti-white rhetoric and discrimination in the west today.

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Taylor is an old school WASP racialist. They have no real sense of the JQ.

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The eternal anglo. I don't have a major problem with Taylor. He's entitled to his own views and from what I've seen they are well thought out, logical, and usually backed up by statistics. He's probably right, but it doesnt matter if he's right. He can debate them until he's blue in the face and it wont make any difference because he can simply be censored and his arguments drowned out by propaganda backed up by the threat of punishment, blacklisting, and violence.

The Jewish neoliberal/zionist elite don't censor and attack him because they think he's wrong. Most ashkenazi Jews themselves are closet racists, although the term race has less meaning to them, as they tend to just see it as Jews vs everyone else. They could care less about the differences between goy cattle or which group of goys might be smarter or dumber, beyond it's relevance in prioritizing which goys are more of a potential threat. They like their goys dumb. Smart goys are dangerous goys. They attack Taylor because he believes whites should advocate for themselves the same way Jews do(albeit in a much more forthright and honest manner), and because it is absolutely central to their strategy of guilt tripping and demonizing whites to pretend that all differences in racial achievement are the fault of white racism.

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I agree 100%.

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Here is the full video:

The ending is of note. I won't spoil it. Contemptible behavior, but also ridiculous.

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Here's Blackie Black losing it over Rebecca Hargraves and Jared Taylor discussing race:

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Always with the pyramids.

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Egyptians are not black and were not blakv. There is controversy about what they were, but they were not black.

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Lol. What an idiot

Easy W for JT

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I am no fan of Japanese Jared but this is such a satisfying takedown.