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Who cares what these people think? Libtards on reddit are the least likely people on earth to procreate and have children. Liberalism is like a virus that can only spread by infecting the minds of new generations, since libtards themselves are barren and don't reproduce. That's why the future of America will belong to highly conservative groups who have large fruitful families and deliberately self-segregate from the putrid mass of American libtard "culture". The Amish are the best examples of this, and they are basically the only White people who have a future.

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I just think that's pretty depressing. It's somewhat depressing that young people on Reddit disagree with me, but what's really depressing is that they mostly just accept left wing orthodoxy as settled fact. Their beliefs don't really rest on any ethical foundation, it's just "conservatives are mean and uncool."

I'm somewhat left wing on economic issues, but I'm also a nationalist, and isolationist, and a social conservative. You don't have to subscribe to any of those beliefs to earn my respect, but you do have to do better than just aping AOC or Bernie Sanders or whoever.

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Conservatives today are what democrats were around a decade ago, this simple fact makes every single argument made by these mentaly ill people worthless.

Keep in mind that reddit and all social media is filled with armies of jewish subversive shills whose only objective is to control the narrative in their interest.

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The danish subreddit will start censuring you if you post early comments on posts and if your comments aren't replies.

This is because whoever makes the first posts on news will often get upvoted and that will dictate the "theme" of the other responses.

So a way we used to destroy leftism on the danish subreddit was to make early posts and debunk leftists arguments. We'd repeat the same counter arguments to common leftist talking points in related posts and they would get heavily upvoted and then dominate the other threads. And we would end the comments with some disclaimer like "only antifa or communists disagree" and whenever someone trying to debunk us, we would ask them to denounce or distance themselves from antifa and communism AND of course they wouldn't, which made everyone downvote them and upvote us instead.
It was like giving them a red star. Helped make normies notice the pattern.

So the moderators of course started censoring such methods.

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Good tactics, how is the state of teh sub now?

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I don't use reddit anymore but it's probably not in a good state, like the rest of reddit

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    They meet one or two bad people who they labeled as conservatives and now all of us suck. I have so many problems with that. First, anyone I've met that calls themselves conservative, are usually really nice people. And I guarantee I have met more than all the people in that reddit thread. 2nd, those idiot kids on reddit label anyone right of Che Guevara a conservative, so their opinion is worthless.

    How do you fight it? It's practically impossible. You need extended periods of time repeatedly shoving undeniable red pills down to break through their conditioning.

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    Liberals believe that if you support evil policies you yourself are evil. The left thinks they have the moral high ground in the political debate. That's why you see threads like this. The right for years thought that leftists were just misguided and that they didn't know that the policies they supported were making the country fall apart. That's changed today. Now the right, just like the left, thinks the left are evil people because they support evil policies. The right is learning how to take the moral high group. You'd think that would be a good thing.

    The real danger here is if either side wins the Jew wins. Conservatism is jewed from the start and when ever the country swings right nothing really gets accomplished for white people. Israel and the military industrial complex grows. We get nothing.

    We are a deeply corrupted and deeply divided country that is set on a path to large scale conflict. Once you have de humanized your opponent it becomes very easy to petition for a war against them.

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    My rebuttal: Monthy Python's John Cleese: London is no longer an English city.

    Even a Liberal can see the light...