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Trump had enough grass root organic support that he could have appealed directly to the people and ask them to come to washington for a march to take over the government and install him as a dictator, then arrest all opponents and install loyalists in every department of the government.

That's actually what needs to be done, not muh working with the system

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Our corrupt government system is REALLY bad but I have a gut distrust of 'overthrow'. If we really did have some type of overthrow scenario it wouldn't be by a dissident it would likely be some type of controlled opposition figure and they would just lead us into an even worse situation. Our dissident groups aren't organized enough to put up a genuine figure. All the leadership I see today in the conservative, libertarian and dissident factions is compromised in some way. Will we reach a point that overthrow of any type is preferable to the status quo? Perhaps.

The healthiest 'overthrow' I can think of right now is libertarians, disillusioned conservatives, neo confederates, dissidents and amish type groups all moving to a sparsely populated state and legally taking over the entire state political apparatus. We should study the way the jews marched through the institutions and do it ourselves. Then we should get /our/ state legislature and /our/ governor elected and we should oppose tyrannical federal mandates until is leads to soft secession/balkanization. With any luck the federal government just ignores us and sees it as a safer path to let us separate instead of genocide all of us. That's the best scenario I see playing out.

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No I highly doubt that, the majority of the US military actually voted blue, as well as that the secret service will either conveniently not have been on duty or go praetorian guard if he tried that.

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U dont understand how military coups work

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a) Deport all illegals.

b) Deport all non-citizens.

c) 50 year moratorium on immigration.

d) You want representation, OK, no more than 2% Jews in ANY institution; media, government, finance, academia, healthcare, law, etc. Problem pretty much solved.

e) Prosecute any censors as violating 1st Amendment Civil Right.

f) Re-Declare the internet a national resource and apply all Bill of Rights laws ruthlessly.

Prosecute as traitors Mayorkas, et al. The entire Biden admin is as anti-American (read White) as one could imagine.

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While these are great things, a president couldn't do the vast majority of them.

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Napoleon once said "I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets".

Any President who supports White people will be instantly attacked by the media. The same media that will call for boycotts, protests, riots etc.

Worst comes to worst, they'll get JFK'd.

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What could they do under the table? (Not explicitly/openly being pro White, maybe "dog whistling")

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Assuming the Constitution isn't replaced with something that better fits pro-White values, not much. Aside from removing illegals and other non-citizens, most of what a White-nationalist would be able to accomplish would be broad strokes directives, such as requiring federal voter ID encouraging disenfranchisement for criminals, providing school vouchers for families within certain income bracket, etc.

What I would like to see is some exile-based sentence for criminals where a condition for freedom is renunciation of citizenship. Ideally it would be arranged with another country (in Africa most likely), but even if it could possibly be done, it would be a logistical mess.

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Every political victory is preceded by a cultural victory. A pro-white (and, especially, anti-Jewish) ideology will have to become the dominant force in american society before a White Nationalist can even be elected, let alone govern effectively. Trump was elected without a majoritarian cultural base, which is why he was relentlessly sabotaged and couldn't deliver even the most basic milketoast promises. Same thing for the woke left. As long as there is no clear cultural majority, nothing significant will change, neither to the left nor to the right.

Provided a pro-White, or at least Jew-aware majority can be created, I'd say the most important thing by far would be launching an all-out assault on jewish dominance of institutions and ESPECIALLY universities. Most of the west's problems are downstream from the fact that a hostile elite has hijacked many of the levers of power and used them to burst a hole in culture. Establishing quotas could be a first step on that front.

There is reason to be whitepilled about this possibility, as a substantial portion of ethnic minorities could also be coopted by a hypothetical anti-jewish coalition. Initially, we will need to compromise on many of the more racially-oriented stuff and focus on the root cause (Jews) instead of directly fighting the effects (anti-whiteness and replacement) and alienating potential non-white, anti-jewish support.

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I honestly don't see anything the president could directly do to drastically change things within 8 years without opening the nuclear football tbh. The problem is that if he does anything real he'd get removed pretty quick, and it'd be logistically extremely difficult to purge everyone with power over the presidency simultaneously.