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SS: Indeed, those who oppose the existence of the one Jewish state on the planet dominate academia. Those who support it are rare and must, if they value their professional futures, keep their views to themselves, unless and until they achieve tenure and no longer must worry about job security.

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A lot of anti-zionist voices on college campuses are jews themselves, I remember nearly every woman at the BDS rallies at my uni was a kike.

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Dumbass Zionists. All they had to do was pretend to genocide the Palestinians ethically. But nope, let's be rabid dogs and jeopardize our blank check from daddy US, and lose half of our base.

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Explain what you mean by "pretend to genocide the Palestinians ethically".

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It means don't shoot journalists, and don't shoot praying muzzies through the fence. Pretend you are human and not a demon piece of shit supremacist.

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They laugh at what you think of being "human". They see you and me as beneath them. It's weakness. Do you think a lion cares about the opinion of sheep?

They are demons because rules don't apply to them