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Infighting, great. Where does all this get us?

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Keith Woods is generally right on all the important issues, and isnt afraid of calling out alt-liters, lolberts, controlled op Jews, and alt right adjacent conspiratards that contribute nothing positive and simply contaminate dissidents with their pet distraction issues. He inevitably catches flak for this, but in the end usually prevails for the simple reason he's right.

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Brahmin is still talking about it, unleashing new Tweets just this morning:

"The thing about having a debate with KW or JD is that first the inferior must show respect to the superior. In their cases, groveling respect. D is a petty nationalist Christian (lol) which should disqualify him from an adult discussion with anyone, whereas KW waits for NJP to determine his positions. So while these children are not worth my time, if they made the correct amends I would patiently listen to their babble. If you cannot at least admit and apologize for your offenses, then obviously you will not be granted the opportunity to speak.Had they not offended me, I would have been happy to pretend that we are equals. If they make the correct amends, I will pretend this and show respect during our discussion."