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White women are lovely human beings with very kind souls. The same cannot be said of women of the other races.

If you're white, there is no upgrade. If white men have sex with latinas or asians, our children will be awful.

Also the bible says to marry someone of our own people. Having sex with nonwhites is a sin.

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    The system teaches you that the dissident right is sexist etc, so naturally, when you start to feel alienated by the system (trans, gays, antiwhiteness, feminism etc etc), the path and positions you are expected to take is the one that you do take. People often let expectations dictate how they act and behave, even when going against the system. In their minds "going against the system" means being sexist, because this is what you're taught.

    However in reality, this picture of the dissident right is one they're painting in order to make it unappealing and ineffective to the masses.

    Women and men need eachother and a society that hates their own women is a massive failure. Especially a pro-white society that hates women. Zero future for such a concept.

    We dislike the system because it's antiwhite and promote the destruction of every aspect of our spirituality. Treating women right is an aspect of white societies. And respecting men and authority is also an aspect of white societies.

    Modern society has turned everything upside down. We don't restore our civilization by acting like muslims, blacks or mongols.

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    White women are lovely human beings with very kind souls.

    Evidence? Because this doesn't match my experience at all.

    If you're white Jewish, there is no upgrade.

    Ftfy. This whole hatred of Jews is because y'all are jealous. But I would blame the entity who caused it, not the pawns who simply got lucky.

    Also the bible says to marry someone of our own people. Having sex with nonwhites is a sin.

    It says that for Jews. And it's obviously a forgery anyway.

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    Having children with jews is a downgrade. They have negrro admixture and arab admixture.

    They are barely white too.

    It says that for Jews.

    No, the bible is for white people and Jesus was white. Israel was a white nation and I'm not interested in debating this topic with you, because you're clueless about it and all your opinions are mainstream which I've seen a hundred times and you have never even researched this topic. Bye.

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    If Jesus's skin color was so important why didn't anyone record it? And why did they go out everywhere to start churches and not only in white lands?

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    They did record it, but skin color is not very important. Your race and people is. Jesus was an Israelite.

    The church went into many lands, because Israelites got scattered into the many nations by the assyrians.
    At the time of Jesus, northern Africa was white, the middle east too, and even ethiopia had white people living there called WHITE-Ethiopians by the greeks.

    The darkening of those lands happend after the introduction and conquest of islam.

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    White women are lovely human beings with very kind souls.

    I wonder where is that, because my experience is quite the opposite. White women have been destroyed by feminism and are damaged goods.

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    Yes, duh. Most wypipo these days are pathetic, racially ignorant cuck losers. Opportunist blondes are probably not helpful either. We already know this.

    extremely entitled and bitchy.

    My nigga. Have you talked to the sheboon hambeasts that roam around the north side? Nigger women are awful and so damn lazy.

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    Nigger women are awful and so damn lazy.

    Reminds me of white women. And men.

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    Hey Shlomo, post your nose.

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    he's not smart enough to be a kike

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    Lol this is my view on salos/nasser. No doubt he’s a lying troll, but he’s probably some Puerto rican antifa tranny or some shit. Definitely too dumb to be ashkenazi. Could be mizrahi though.

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    The fact that one guy has spent years trolling a sleepy community of 10-15 people is pretty hilarious honestly

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    It's a testament to the tolerance of wypipo. I mean the alt right are supposedly some of the most intolerant whites around, and yet they've put up with a level of dumbass trolling for years that some Jew run sub on reddit wouldn't tolerate for more than 2 comments. Probably his first post would have gotten him permanently banned.

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    Plus white women age like shit

    and Ethnic people look like shit. Literally

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    What about spicy big booty latinas like AOC?

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    If I was a white nigga I'd be pro immigration and get tons of asian and latina pussy.

    Non-white immigrants tend to live in their own enclaves and don't assimilate.

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    In Europe yes, in America/Canada the last few decades there's more and more of a clusterfuck of mixing peoples.

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    in America/Canada the last few decades there's more and more of a clusterfuck of mixing peoples.

    What do you base this on?

    Using my own country (Canada) as an example, the vast majority of immigrants move to the big cities and the nearby suburbs. In fact, the only ones we see moving to the rural areas is because of the government forcing them to go there:

    But otherwise, they colonize parts of Canada for themselves and boost their own numbers. Want an example?

    Look at this data from 2001 to 2021. What do you see?,_British_Columbia#Demographics

    Whites went from 40% of the population to an even smaller 18%. Their population never grew, whereas East Asians did. You can also look at the language statistics at the bottom. Again, it follows the exact same patterns. English is rarely used, whereas East Asian tongues like Mandarin and Cantonese have taken over.

    And finally, these enclaves are very racist against the non-immigrants who lived here very first. They put up ads that explicitly say they wont rent or sell houses to to us.

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    Ah interesting I'd just assumed Canada would mirror the US in terms of these trends. From my personal experience here ethnic enclaves in the cities are rapidly depopulating both with hispanics and asians. Newcomers and old families alike are integrating into suburbs for various reasons. I will say though there's a new phenomenon here of upper middle class suburban immigrant enclaves in places like Plano, the Bay Area, Research Triangle, etc. The overinflated salaries of these guys pushes out local whites further into either rural areas or inner cities which may explain the rise in white kids going to black dominated schools.

    But otherwise, they colonize parts of Canada for themselves and boost their own numbers.

    I read somewhere that Canadian cities are such a tfr shredder that whites make up 65% of new births despite the amount of immigration, just because the urban lifestyle/environment keeps them from having kids.

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    nigga asian women will locate waitu cokru the bottom of the mariana trench

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    It takes time. Two generations ago ethnicities still had their own streets, even close ones, and they all hated each other. Now no one asks.

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    Are you trying to get white men to mate with ethnic women, who aren't considered exactly the epitome of beauty by most white men?

    Though I have to say you have a point, that white women are treated by various "movement" types as sacred cows despite their obvious flows.