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How would you aim to raise your children?

Personally I'd want to homeschool them on a huge plot of land for the most part, might let male progeny attend high school if they have an aptitude for competitive sports but otherwise I don't see an advantage to it. The downside to this that I could see happening is being overly coddled/dependent on the parent.

Istg other pajeets in this country are some kind of hivemind the way they all have the same exact rants about childhood. Idk how I escaped it, probably autism.

I think however incidents like this user (allegedly) experienced from his peers are pretty stupid and childish.

I think it's just natural, kids are tribal and ideally you should raise them in an environment with their own, and if you can't do that make sure they're physically and socially dominant and won't fall to the runts of the pecking order. Even the most woke liberal areas will have kids falling to tribalism and natural hierarchies when kids are left alone.

I don't like invoking the nazis (but let's not have that discussion) but I see this user's situation as well as degenerate random acts of violence by psychopaths using our cause in a similar light.

It's tactically dumb but at the same time it's completely understandable to me that when there's no recourse towards an issue peacefully and no quick fix some people are bound to just explode. Like with the bullying it's just human nature and the responsibility lies with those creating the conditions that lead to this. Idt scolding WNs who haven't actually done anything to cause or encourage these crimes really accomplishes anything.

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His story is no different to Whites who grow up in minority neighborhoods, or a Palestinian who lives amongst Israelis.

If I had to be honest, I would blame his parents for putting him in that situation. No once forced people from India to move to the U.S, yet they still went ahead and took the risks.

Edit: And the final nail in the coffin, the same group of Indians who moved to the U.S are most likely going to vote for the party that wants open borders. Thus continuing the problem.

By contrast, Indian Americans are the most likely to be Democrats of any Asian origin group, with 50% identifying as Democrats and just 18% as Republican.

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No once forced people from India to move to the U.S, yet they still went ahead and took the risks.

Hard to refuse the amount of money and freebies given by whites/jews, I think it'll slow down over time as the pool of high IQ Indians left shrinks and living conditions in India get better.

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The bulk of your post doesn't really have anything to do with the title. Anyway, the answer to the question depends in large part on what kind of person the parent is and what kind of person the child is. Personally, I think you can't go wrong with teaching children principles, strong conviction, courtesy and social skills. As far as principles are concerned, I think a parent must take great care to ensure no question the child has lacks a satisfactory answer, but then again, not all children are all that interested in questioning things and not all parents share the same parenting style. As for everything else, the child should figure things out on its own through trial and error, and occasionally with the help of advice when the issue is important - this is how character is built.

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That story explains why its best for everyone to stay in their home. Keep culture of ancestors without pressure.