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Not necessarily, but Frederick the Fabulous certainly was

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Probably so.

I don't think it makes him any less of a man or diminishes his accomplishments and contributions to Germany. The modern homosexual activist cause may be an enemy/threat and it is fundamentally not the norm, however I do believe it should be accepted and tolerated, not normalized and promoted to the degree it is now.

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There has been gayness dating back to the Ancient Spartans. The difference is they were still great people despite their homosexuality.

Modern gays only want recognition because they think being gay is special.

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Despite what leftist academics tell you, the Ancient Greeks did not tolerate homosexuality, when it happened, in the form of pederasty it was universally condemned.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, medieval Christians got to write the history books. They greatly exaggerated the extent of pederasty in pagan Greece.

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The sources are the Greeks own writings, laws, and arts.

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This is a RW cope. I notice this denial of the widespread homosexuality and pederasty of Ancient Greece is common. It reminds of the way modern academics try to portray modern mass immigration culture as something that has always been a part of Europes history so they make disingenuous arguments and falsify history.

Why did the Greeks have laws regulating man and adolescent sexual relationships? Why are references to such things so common in their contemporary writing including some of their most famous poets. The story of the rise of Athenian democracy is literally about drama between homosexual lovers.

Looking at Western civilization the last thousand years we see little to no representation of homosexuality because it was truly a civilization opposed to it and repressed it. The Classical Era, especially the Greeks, was clearly different on this issue and that makes Greek worshiping RWers uncomfortable.

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You know that two men can be in love without it being sexual, right? This was understood by everyone up until modern times.

I highly recommend you watch this video which deals with some of the common myths around this topic.

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I already watched that. To pretend the homosexuality that we read about in Ancient Greek writings is just good friends in "love" is the type of disingenuous arguments and falsifying history I am talking about.

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Men in the past &even in some cultures today held each other’s hands, kissed each other on the lips without it being sexual.

The only people falsifying history are modern academics that like to twist history around their political views. You yourself mentioned the “we were always a nation of immigrants” BS so it’s strange that you trust them on this topic.

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On this issue It is right wing people who try to twist history to fit their political views. I am trusting the Greeks themselves whose writings, laws, and arts make clear their homosexual tendencies.

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To busy for women like Basil II.