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It's crazy to me that this is even a discussion let alone policy some places.

This simply means that propaganda works and that we should be as bold as possible to state what we want. People who support our goals might think it is going "too far" but that they support the sentiment, like leftists here. They feel like whites owe blacks something (probably they don't feel that, but just say it because they're anti white, but you get the idea, and saying they feel we owe something is a way to emotionally manipulate whites into going against their interests).

We should do the same. Be bold. I remember the first time I heard the idea of punishing the ones responsible for immigration into Denmark, the old politicians, for their crimes against our country. It was so far outside what I've ever even heard before, but it stuck with me and I completely agree with that idea, and maybe it stuck with me because it was so radical and so far outside what was allowed in my mind to even be said.

But is there any more justice than punishing those who have committed treason against your nation? Of course not, it is only natural, and it is fair.

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The only reparations that will get passed are the ones convenient for the System, at a time when it's convenient for the System. I could see them cutting one time checks whenever the economy is on the comeup and needs some boost. Stimulus checks and PPP loans (which many blacks defrauded) laid out the blueprint

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    Haven't yet, I did listen to all of the Turner Diaries while on a trip in Mexico tho

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      the glowies promote it because there's nothing particularly useful or productive inside it imo. I did try a long time ago didn't find it good. War of the Flea and Fry the Brain are far more practical fed books

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      What are the reparations types being debated upon exactly?

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      Mo gibs