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Just ask the anti white if they are Jewish

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So if your great grandfather was a murderer all his children and grandchildren should be killed to

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Counter to what? Supporting our genocide. I don't give a fuck if my great grandfather was mean to a black person I'm not going to not advocate for my race.

As for why there are so many weak-willed Whites, that is a good question. I think it's not easy to undo decades of brainwashing from media and school in one conversation

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With that response they would typically try to compare you to a segregationist or a Klan member which is an easy counter in a debate and would likely lead to you getting banned from were the discussion is taking place if it's online. Your response is rational, however in a public debate forum, Whites who do not think the same are watching and I don't think it would be good enough to sway them given said brainwashing.

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can't win arguments against censorship

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Those people didn't have shit before the white man arrived, or they would have defeated the white man instead of allowing him into their countries. So, by definition they were in poverty, and the white man came and shared the fruits of civilization with them.

This wasn't done on equal terms, because the civilizations involved were not equals- and, frankly, still are not. The people of the "developing world" fall far short of meeting the expectations of the developed world bourgeoisie in 2023, just as they did in 1600 or 1700. We see it in how they treat women, children, homosexuals, and foreigners; in their overall philosophy of life; in their suspicious and irrational nature; in the lack of punctuality, work ethic, and originality they exhibit; and in countless other ways.

Somehow these poor people are seen as noble, and yet our own poor people are seen as worthy of derision for their fixation on tradition, religion, suspicion, conspiracy, etcetera. It's pure racism.

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How would you respond to an anti White saying European colonialism and imperialism justifies White replacement?

By reminding them that where plenty of White groups/countries throughout history who were never involved in that stuff, yet the genocidal logic of replacing them still persists.

Iceland never had slaves or went to Africa as far as I'm aware. The same is true with Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Amish people living in the Americas were terrorized for their vocal resistance against fighting foreign wars.

Yet do we see anyone advocating to spare these people despite being white? Nope. The anti-white agenda is all the same.

Edit: Not to mention, the idea of replacing an entire race looks hypocritical, since there was obviously Black Imperialists, Asian Imperialists, Hispanic Imperialists in history as well. If Whites are seen as the problem, then every other group who invaded countries or held slaves are just as guilty. The Native Indians for example like to bitch that they own the continent, yet it's often forgotten how they wiped out entire tribes who existed before them or even used them for human sacrificing ceremonies.

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I'd say I've no patience for their slave morality.

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I heard this argument in response to the 20th century Belgian colonization of the Congo. It doesn't matter how many Congolese were killed: Belgium belongs to Belgians. Same logic for other countries.

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There seems to be more compounding factors; that conditions have worsened as a result of colonization and thus the colonized people have no place to choose but to head to a Western nation, or that strong connections (UK-India) make it inevitable that mingling happens. Thoughts on that? There are two flavors of the first argument, that being pre-WW2 imperialism and the other being any of the recent destabilization in the Middle East and Latin America. I don't know who's to blame for the latter, as the left may hint towards it being WS.

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There seems to be more compounding factors; that conditions have worsened as a result of colonization and thus the colonized people have no place to choose but to head to a Western nation,

Jared Taylor famously mentioned his parents took him to Africa as a kid and he had visited two countries. One that was colonized by Europeans and the other that wasn't.

In no scenario was the non-colonized country better off than the colonized ones. The idea that railroads, electricity, automobiles were going to show up in regions that were without a doubt, still stuck in the stone ages when Europeans first arrived is complete fiction.

The same is true if you look at the Americas. Before Europeans arrived, none of the Native Indians had even heard of firearms or constructed Two Story Buildings.

The harsh truth behind these differences can be traced to Evolution and Intelligence even though Western Academia will do everything to make this taboo. But the old saying "facts don't care about feelings" holds true no matter what. The IQ gaps will forever hold these other races back from being equal to the ones who colonized them.

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Tell them that victims of European colonialism and imperialism were other Whites and give Ireland and Cyprus as examples. Also cite the way European colonial forces often collided with the Ottomans so that White people continued to be oppressed. Also mention the role of colonial forces and especially Germany in the Genocide of Asia Minor (along with the role played by various Jews, including the cryptojews of Thessaloniki).

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I love how this kind of reddit propaganda targets subs like interestingasfuck. As if any semi normal human being would find dumbed down anti white whiney jew talking points interesting in the slightest, much less "interesting as fuck".

Whats funny is when you look at the video, this is basically how modern day Jewish elites view the masses when they vaccuum up wealth and then donate a tiny amount of it to pet causes that usually have their name plastered all over them and often push a Jewish agenda, like the Maurice J Fishberg center for the advancement of anti racism.

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My great great great grandfather owned your great great great grandfather 160 years ago. Get over it.