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There are no uniforms because the minute we aligned behind a political group we'd all be prosecuted for some anarcho tyranny bullshit law. Our 'official' government is a facade. We live under a crypto government. The hidden nature allows the populace to sublimate or project feeling of confinement created by the control grid. We've all got to realize this extensive legal system, distraction based media, and fake two party system was all put in place to block us from taking the first steps towards organization. They closed bars and churches during covid but you could still get alcohol and drink at home? They don't want us gathering to chat because we might notice 'niche' 'dissident' views are widespread. We might realize there's power in numbers and the hidden government doesn't look so scary.

I went to a book fair over the weekend and spent three hours chatting with white tech worker retiree women that read the New York Times her entire life. She basically agreed with me on everything and we got quite close to talking about Jews and non white IQ differences. All the seemingly insurable liberal soys were leaning into the conversation and occasionally jumping in to agree.

If we want uniforms we can't be afraid to gather and spread the good word. We need to cheat the system financially and trade goods and services with each-other. Learn how to tactfully talk about our ideas but then move on and get to a point the system can't really hurt you. Only then will losing your job or getting small time charges/lawfare not intimidate us. At that point uniforms are conceivable. First just a style of dressing then a formal structure and assigned dress. Strangely I don't think we can free ourselves without uniforms. There's a STRONG psychological affect that uniformity has on a group. In group out group dynamic becomes calcified and it makes you burn the ships you sailed in on so to speak. We need that dedication if we are going to climb to the higher levels that will help us balkanize away from these globalist Jews that milk us, maim and kill us at will.

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I live next to a large hotel complex and I see lots of different groups attending events. What people wear varies wildly, yet they all manage to come across as reasonably professional. This can include the tech bro in a T-shirt, a woman in a dress, the guy in business casual, the biologist in a sweater, the property maintenance-con guy in jeans and a shirt. At accounting-con people tend to dress like accountants, at forestry con there really are all sorts of looks. With all these looks the people look sensible, professional and representative of whatever organization they come from. They tend to dress in what they feel comfortable in.

I don't understand why we are stuck in optics hell. People want to dress like an 80s conservative, people want a LARP-uniform from Germany, people want to all wear the same shirt and pants, some people show up wearing clothes not meant to be worn in public. If the dog show, the travel agency-convention, the electronics convetion people can look normal without having a dress code so can we.

The sensible dress code is wear what you would be wearing if your job sent you on a course.

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I don't understand how this would help us. It would put a target on the back of anyone in the uniform. The media would declare the uniform to be a neonazi uniform. The public generally believes it's acceptable to physically assault neonazis with impunity. Niggers and antifa would attack the neonazis with clubs and knives. Any neonazis that defend themselves would get federal hate crime charges and 419 years in prison.

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You would need a critical mass of people. Not sure what the threshold would be. The individualistic aspects of Western societies would recoil very strongly at such a sight.