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The good thing is Indians don't cause criminal activity like blacks do. The terrible thing is Indians cant critically think and most of them think as socialists.

Indians are everywhere because the corporations cram like 15 of them into 1 small house.

Canadians would never accept this type of environment.

Can't see anything changing since conservative party is pro immigration and pro socialism. Canadians are also dumb as fuck that they vote for the party leader and not the party polices. Harper, Pierre, different person but same policies.

Most Canadians are also socialists who think they are conservative but don't understand socialism or understand what it means to be conservatives.

This is what happens after decades of dumb-ing down Canadians through entertainment and food. No future in Canada.

USA is the only hope at this moment.

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The good thing is Indians don't cause criminal activity like blacks do.

Only the ones who pass the English test and get their citizenship.

But once they have children, they get brainwashed and adopt the same ghetto cultures as blacks.

You can look at Brampton and Surrey as proof. Both Canadian cities that absorbed heavy Indian populations while chasing away the Native Whites. Now they're full of crime.

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Interesting. I had no idea. As soon as the immigrants started coming I got out of the big cities. I've heard toronto and surrounding areas are shitholes.

Last time i drove there all i saw as brown people. I've always lived in white neighborhoods.

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Damn I thought Asian Canadians are peaceful. South Asian Canadians are 7% of population and Asians are total 6% of Canadian prisons.

Just look at the countries they're running from. Ironically, many of them use to exist under British rule. But they chased them away and are unable to look after it.

The same will happen to Canada. When the White population gets displaced by too many Brown people, all the local infrastructure begins to collapse. Thus repeating the cycle.

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""Asian" includes offenders who are Arab, Arab/West Asian, Asian-East and Southeast, Asian-South, Asian West, Asiatic, Chinese, East Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, South East Asian."

The other source you gave is specifically for the South Asian population. Do you have any figures for the South Asian prison population?

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The peoples party is basically the only option.

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Maxime Bernier (the leader of the PPC) failed to win his own electoral seat.

Not to mention, they're just a band-aid. The PPC only promises to reduce immigration from 500,000 to 100,000 a year.

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They're the lesser of all evils, it should be noted White birth rates in Canada are higher than Indian and Asian immigrants. There's nothing really else Canadian Nationalists can do.

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The political system is rigged. At least 25% of Canada's entire population are foreign born, so they'll be an obstacle at every level of government.

We need a Party who could agree to split up the country. Preferably make Toronto and Vancouver their own nations since that's where the majority of immigrants live.

The rest of the country could then govern itself without interference.

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Move to a small town and keep it homogeneous and make it more homogeneous. That's the only viable way forward. Numbers and resources must be brought together à la a fasces. All cities are fubared.

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Small towns aren't safe. In fact, I challenge you to go check out who runs the Tim Hortons, Walmarts, Gas stations etc in these rural areas.

I'll give you a hint, it's all Indians now.,-84.3197123,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipNjPOGeGVKStVjzOxA75CuMR-YJysgNq3_U0ofk!2e10!3e12!!7i1080!8i1920!4m8!3m7!1s0x4d3637a7d4a16e7b:0xcb196a800c1e9ab7!8m2!3d46.5544197!4d-84.3206451!14m1!1BCgIgAQ!16s%2Fg%2F11h2d0m9td

That's a Burger King in Saint Sault Marie, located in the middle of nowhere Ontario.

Anywhere there's a college or university, Indians will have landed and begin the colonization process.

Not to mention, they're also buying up all the real estate. Go on Facebook marketplace and I guarantee you at least one city will have a rental ad saying "Indian Students only".

That's how bad the problem is. You can't run away, they'll find you.

Blame the Boomers for refusing to hire normal Canadians and instead, outsource everything to the 3rd world. They had a chance to stop it but they wanted the shekels instead.

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None of what you wrote is a solution to the problem.

So cities aren't safe, small towns aren't safe, so just stop existing? don't go anywhere or try to fix anything? Just keep putting up with it?

The smaller the area Whites migrate to and concentrate, the more easily autonomy can be exerted and normalcy attained. it is literally possible to create a small community where local politics are 100% under your control. If you don't have RM status, incorporate. If you do, then start a local LEO and start passing your own laws. These kind of controls already exist.

Stop with the blackpilling.

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Trust me, they already ran away back in early 2000. It didn't solve anything.

Places like Brampton and Milton where still majority White 20 years ago. Not anymore.

Then it was smaller towns like Barrie and London. Again, the Indians found their way there too and started taking over.

The problem is with the system itself. It doesn't reward fleeing. As long as the government keeps the floodgates open for millions of people to pour in and start taking over local jobs/hoarding housing, then nothing else even matters.

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    Despite what the media says, Black Canadians are still a very small part of the population. 4% of the total population at max.

    However, they are the LOUDEST group who receive a disproportionate amount of attention. For example, the government buys them houses, even when the market is unaffordable for everyone...

    They also get their crimes dropped because of their skin color:

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    4% in a matter of years is a lot. A few years ago it was 0.4%.

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    Import the 3rd world...

    They bring cronyism to a level never seen or tolerated even among Americans that want to hire America citizens first no matter the race. Most are not assimilating, they form enclaves.

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    urbanite indians have a south korean tfr after the first generation, they'll be extinct in the west outside the UK in a century