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Dissident right tries not to have infighting or E-Celebs without Jewish ancestry/crippling autism challenge [Impossible Edition]

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I don't know how many are following this but it was revealed that BAP is at least half Jewish on his fathers side.

I like Keith Woods. I haven't heard Keith's full argument but BAP's full identity is not known to the public (trust me), so how can the argument be made that he's half Jewish? Even if he was half Jewish his work still stands and the arguments he makes are worth looking at. Mischlings and half Jews can make contributions to the dissident right if they are open and honest about their racial background IMHO. Didn't Keith just interview Ron Unz?

he has become increasing lame ever since associating with Fuentes.

Some agreement there. I don't like all the time he was spending with Richard Spencer and that Apollo dude. (I'm NOT a Richard Spencer fan).

It is all because BAP had drama with Fuentes

As he should. Fuentes has been ridiculous lately.

BAP strongly emphasis the problem of mass immigration and defending the white race, so I don't know how this fits in with him being a subversive Jew.

Neither do I.

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    He is not.

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    Are you sure?

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    I haven't met the guy but a close friend of mine knows him from before Bronze Age Mindset. I trust my friend. BAP wrote some online articles before BAM under his real identity. I've read those and it matches with his writing style so that jived up with my friend's story. That's all I can give you. Personally I just ignore all this 'BAP is a Jew!' nonsense. He could still be a part jew hiding his identity from my friend but until I meet him in person I can't really confirm that. My friend's Jew radar is quite good so I'd think he'd know even if he was a mischling.

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    I trust you

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    I don't.

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    Keith Woods really is such a cretin at this point. I hate to say it but it's true. His mind seems to be rotten with resentment.

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    BAP is gay and jewish and pedo and misogynist.

    How is any of that helpful to the pro-WHITE cause?

    Make babies with lovely white women and deport the nonwhites.

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    The Chad gay/Jewish/pedo/misogynist vs. the virgin TradCath.

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    Well if that was the justification for Keiths for opposition to BAP then it is highly undermined by the the fact that he is a Fuentes promoter. Keith's crusade against BAP only started after BAP drama with groypers.

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    Fuentes is peak cringe.

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    I don't watch any of them

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    BAP is gay and jewish and pedo and misogynist.


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    I don't have a good source saved, so I'd have to look into it again, but the jewish part was revealed a few days ago. He got doxxed, people even found clips of him in congress and you can hear it's the same voice- at least to me it was convincing.

    He also advocates for lower age of consent laws (hence my pedo accusations).

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    He also advocates for lower age of consent laws

    It is correct to be opposed to equating teenagers as children and modern culture's views about such things are dumb and should be criticized.

    However he did defend pederasty in old forum posts which would warrant pedo accusations.

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    Woods problem with BAP isn't simply that he's Jewish and concealed this, but that he's always been a bit of an embarrassment to the alt right that has a lot of bad takes(which would be true regardless of him being Jewish), gives extremely bad advice to dissidents, and has consistently urged the alt right to stop criticizing Jews and Israel and actually praises Israel as some masculine based society we should emulate, as if that would be possible given anti white Jewish control of US and western society and their aggressive attempts to use all means at their disposal to continually block white attempts to be even a fraction as ethnocentric and nationalist as Israeli and diaspora zionist Jews are.

    It's not clear if BAP does some of these things because he's genuinely trying to be subversive and destructive towards perceived enemies of the Jews, is controlled opposition, or does them because he's a fucking dumbass who doesn't understand Jewish privilege or that it doesn't extend to genuine white advocates. It doesn't help that some extremely cringe anti white zionists and Jewish establishment types have promoted BAP. To make matters worse his Jewish parent/s appear to be Israeli "holocaust survivors", which calls into question BAP's motives even more.

    I agree that Fuentes is bad news generally, but he's apparently right about BAP.

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    consistently urged the alt right to stop criticizing Jews and Israel

    That's not true

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    Ive never followed him closely or read much of him. Mostly just know him from what others left right and mainstream have written and tweets ive seen of his. The mainstream media promoted him as some alt right thinker and leader, like tgey did with richard spencer, which made me suspicious.

    I never liked him and I wouldn't like him regardless of whether he was Jewish. I know Woods and others have been documenting a lot of the pro zionist statements he's made and neocon connections he has. That's one of the things that alerted them in the first place that something wasn't right with this guy.

    Woods never seemed to like him from the beginning over important philosophical and strategic differences, and to a lesser extent optics, and like me, Woods wouldn't like him regardless of whether he was Jewish. Woods does get caught up with online drama a lot, but he usually goes after the right targets, its usually not just petty bickering and infighting. These are people that give bad advice and cause more harm than good.

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    I don't know who Bronze Age Pervert is. That's just some random name that I see around these parts of the online wasteland.

    As for Woods, I'm one of those who has had a long ambivalence towards him. He's hit and miss. I'm no fan of his, but I have also pushed back against those who I think unfairly label him a Marxist or 'Duginist', as though he is some kind of infiltrator. I think he is indubitably more Right than Left, whatever his detractors might allege.


    Woods used to be feuding with Fuentes. Much more recently, he talks to him as though they were always buddy-buddy. Reflecting on that, I think it to be quite silly.


    I've never used it, but all that I have ever heard about Keith Woods on Twitter is that that is where he's at his lowest. Is his account @InternetRadical? A quick scrolling of that account reveals it to be a bit of a sewer.


    Fuentes was the one who inadvertently revealed that he was a viewer of 'T-girl' (i.e. 'trans woman', i.e. biological male) porn. For me, that precludes him from being super straight. He's some kind of queer.

    I don't have any other remarks to make either on the OP's post or to any of the comments, other than that I agree with those who have negative views of Spencer (another who, like BAP, is largely just a random name to me: I still haven't watched any of his videos, and every time I see an excerpt of his videos included in the videos of other people, I do not see why people like him) and Fuentes (the only video I have seen of his was the one softly criticizing Keith Woods). Both of these talking heads seem to me a waste of time and of no value to watch. In short, I don't want anything to do with Fuentes or Spencer, think of Woods as hit and miss, and couldn't care less who BAP is. If the supporters of BAP and Fuentes are infighting, then that is simply more detestable stupidity.