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    The bible literally predicts this pattern of society. Imagine Sauron is real, and some group of people start helping him and worshipping him... those people are not Tolkien fans. They obviously never read the books and don't understand the danger of Sauron.

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      Jews aren't Gods chosen people. You're parasites and liars. Satan is your Father

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        Kike means anti christ. Your quote talks about people who are pro-christ (29 If you belong to Christ).

        Your logic is that if you belong to christ, then you are anti-christ.

        Only a jew can invert the truth 180 degrees. Nice pilpul, try harder, Edomite.

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          The good part about globalism is that there is nowhere for you to hide.

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          You're talking to a jew

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            Please explain to me what exactly is he doing wrong?

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            The jew admitted to being a jew in this thread

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            Uses the Holocaust & Civil Rights as justification.

            They are marching into a more severe form of slavery.

            Civil rights, are feudal serf rights. Literally. Political status based on location, and not blood.

            Most other countries get their political status transferred by blood, so if you have a grandparent from Norway, then you can get a Norwegian passport, etc.

            A great deception occurred with the so called "civil rights" movement.

            They didn't give black people constitutional protections, of God given rights. Their political status didn't change.

            Instead, they made all free-born Americans 14th amendment citizens (like the former slaves after the civil war), with civil rights (from the civil war, which was actually a war of succession). Bullshit rights.

            They only actual civil right is to live on US soil. In prison or otherwise. You are a slave.

            The NWO is a neo feudal system.

            The American people were fooled into giving up their constitutional protections, of God given rights.

            That's why they can take your guns, etc.

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            It's ok, they've made that choice. Let him run it into the ground. I really don't care anymore.