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It's an article that's written like shit and a poor excuse for journalism.

Who gives a fuck what reddit thinks about it?

Until I hear exactly why this man shot this person, which is not stated anywhere in the article, the whole thing is race baiting bullshit.

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Multiple Whites are murdered by negros every single day in this country. And it's always racially motivated. I'm not going to read this anti-White nonsense, but I'm going to just assume the White person was justified until proven otherwise.

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I you aren't going to read any stories on the case then how can you know if it was proven unjustified?

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Why don't you share a trustworthy source then?

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Click the title on the reddit page and it will take you to the story.

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I don't use reddit

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He asked for a credible source and you posted kansas city defender? KCD is literally a nigger website. This is probsbly why users think you are salos or some other troll.

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That's just the source posted on reddit, I have no idea how that site leans politically. I'm not salos either.

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We were birthed from the ashes of the 2020 uprisings. As Black people, as young people, as organizers and abolitionists, it became glaringly apparent during 2020 that we could not depend on white media nationally or locally to serve our best interests, or to empathize and advocate for us.

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My mistake then.

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Around the time Cannon Hinnant was killed, I remember videos saying the reason black on white offenses did not attract attention unlike white on black was because black suspects were summarily arrested and charged, but the suspects BLM protests (Chauvin, Breonna Taylor's killers) apparently faced charges only after widespread public demands and media coverage. Is there any data on how much legal action is evaded?

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That's probably because white on black incidents are more often justified or accidental. Remember the "hands up, dont shoot" lie that caused riots? When niggers get shot, they typically cause it. We are better off without these people.

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The US averages around 70 homicides a day. The national media ignores the overwhelming majority of these except when it can be spun to serve an agenda, and then they will actively create or peddle a false narrative. Remember how Ahmaud Arbery was just innocently out for a jog? Or how Michael Brown was a gentle giant who put his hands up and yelled don't shoot! etc etc.

We don't know what the facts are in this case, but the media is already jumping to conclusions to push their agenda, as is the OP, a well known concern troll who apparently has blackmail material on the mods of this sub or some shit.

The family states he was innocently trying to pick up some siblings and went to the wrong house, but again as of now we have no way of knowing whether this was true or just some shit they made up, much like Abery just being real big into working on his cardio. Don't count on the media to ever tell you the truth either.

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Your correct in your points, however I do disagree with your point about Arbery, there's been no solid evidence he was engaging in criminal activity and even if he was, it doesn't justify his death. I do recommend watching this case because it could escalate like what happened in early 2020. I'm not a concern troll, I feel this story is very relevant to nationalists given how important Black grievance politics are in the modern lefts agenda.

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Obsessively reporting and amplifying every crime or conflict where you can charactize(slander/libel) the white person as a villain while supressing and outright censoring any in which the black person is undoubtedly the villain is itself a form of racial incitement, and the media engages in it non stop.

Imagine if every time a Jew had any conflict with a black person, the headline is "Jew calls police on black child", or 'Jew attacks black woman', or 'racist Jew does_____', or 'Jew murders black person' or 'Jew scams poor black people', would that be acceptable? That is literally the equivalent of what our massively disproportionately Jewish media does with white people. It is non stop slander meant to foment racial hatred in the guise of "racial justice", and Jews are completely immune from it despite being primary instigators of it.

This is just another example of this kind of behavior, and of course YOU engage in the very same behavior, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If this shooter in KC intentionally murdered a person who posed no threat to them they should be held accountable, but it is no more tragic than the 100 other murders that have likely happened since then, and it would be no less tragic if the shooter was black, something which the media would have then ignored. They, and YOU are pushing this story for your own agenda. The police are investigating it, what more do you want, what do you want us to do about it? By turning this into the next big race baiting story you people are crying fire in a crowded theatre and will get more people harmed and lives ruined, just like you always do.

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This is pure propaganda. Others have made all the relevant points, so to avoid beating a dead horse, I'll simply say there's no credible source here, and what actually happened is not expanded upon, not to mention the fact that even if this was some racist attack or whatever it would be small potatoes compared to the uncountably large quantity with the races reversed that the media refuses to acknowledge.

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Almost every case of a dindu nuffin getting shot they were never actually doin nuffin. If this kid got shot going to the wrong door then this would be a rare instance of black getting shot by a white person when they dindu nuffin. Even if that is what happened it likely had nothing to do with race and if it happened to a white kid it wouldn't even be a news story.

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This is not a black versus white issue, this is a case of someone who is a homicidal maniac. However, the blacks are eating this up, and causes dangerous responses and fuels their racist hatred of all other races.

Black people are the most racist people in America.

“What happened to this young man is the reason every black mother fears for their child! What the **** are (we) doing if we can’t protect our kids from these racist mfs!!”

Read more at:

No, this is not the reason you fear for your black children, it's not the cops you fear for your black children, it's the OVERWHELMING black on black violence that threatens your black children every fucking day.

Black on White violence out weighs White on White violence.

Black on Hispanic violence outweighs Hispanic on Hispanic violence.

Black on Asian violence outweighs Asian on Asian violence.

Black on Non-Black violence outweighs Non-Black on Non-Black violence.

Over 50% of violent crime is committed by the minority, the 8%, which are black males between the ages of 22-40.

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Is the story really that an innocent black rang the doorbell, then the white homeowner sees the black kid waiting, and then randomly shoots the kid twice for being a black?

If true, seems very sad and wrong. The homeowner should be punished. But this does not change the fact that blacks are far more violent against innocents. I doubt those redditors would agree that story below is anti-white injustice. Josephson got into Rowland's car in March 2019 thinking it was her Uber ride back to her house, prosecutors said. Instead, the University of South Carolina student from Robbinsville, New Jersey, found herself trapped in the back seat because Rowland had the child proof lock on, investigators said. Woman who mistook car for her Uber stabbed up to 120 times, expert testifies

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Mental health issues

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I dissagree with the notion that public support of BLM has decreased, there looks to be more momentum in the movement since 2020 than there was during the Trump years. Cases like this breaking the news every once in a while and aspects of the "racial reckoning" pressing on makes my point.

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Can we keep it to just one salos alt per post please. You didn't have to bring another one here.

BLM is pretty well discredited at this point after years of rising murder, chaos, crime in cities they attacked, along with rampant corruption and incompetence in their organization that could no longer be covered up.

Only the most weasely of conformist cucks still sucks BLM dick these days.

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I stand corrected, I was merely speaking on the amount of news stories related to BLM popping up, not my own opinion on the movement. From 2016 to 2020 all I recall was Botham Jean and the anthem kneeling/Kaepernick, but 2020+ has had much more saturation in racial stories. Chauvin/McMichaels trials, renaming of institutions keeps on going, and several more episodes like Ralph's, and whoever follows the movement operates with more discussion on "systemic racism" et al., these are things literally everybody is witnessing.

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Imagine me giving a shit when these people are completely silent when a whites get robbed/murdered/raped by blacks all the time.

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I'm not expecting you to give a shit about this case, however be mindful of it given the Anti White propaganda impact it has and could have as well the best counter arguments to that propaganda.