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You mean 30 million +?

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11 million? More like 60M

The US went from 90% white in 1960 to basically 50% white in 2020. If we had the right people in power who actually wanted to do it, we could achieve the reverse in 60 years.

But realistically, "no" - the US government will collapse before this happens

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Trump was the most anti-illegal president

He lied. It should be apparent he had no intentions of deporting anyone.

I think most people just gave up

No one tried in the first place. Deporting illegal aliens requires power. We have none.

I kind of also gave up

Yes, despair and hopelessness is kind of normal in this situation.

I do not expect any GOP president to be fixing this problem.

Obviously. The GOP supports open borders.

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8thmonitor seems like another troll/opposition research alt, possibly Salos or radicalcentrist, although this alt isn't as blatant.

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Questions the poster already knows the answer to was something radicalfag started with during his early days.

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If you kick them out, they're just going to come back.

That's the issue. America is a much more desirable place to live than Mexico, Haiti or El Salvador, that hoardes of people will throw themselves at the U.S border or overstay VISAS because their original hell holes are that much worse.

Also add in Boomers, Businesses and the Government who offer incentives like welfare or cutting lawn for minimum wage, and it attracts even more immigrants to stay.

The only solution is if America was 100% hostile to outsiders. If every public service catered to legal citizens only, or if both political parties stopped trying to pander to foreigners, then the issue would fix itself overnight.

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Wealthy east asian countries dont have illegal immigration or mass immigration problems. Wealthy arab gulf states dont either. Israel doesnt either. It is easy to prevent if you have the will and aren't targeted for demographic replacement by a hostile jewish elite who also effectively control your media.

Shills like you do everything they can to portray the situation as inevitable, unfixable, and even desirable.

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Can we? Yeah. Will we? That remains to be seen, but certainly not any time soon. I hope I'm wrong, but that's the way things tend to go; it gets worse before it gets better. Although that being said, things have been getting worse for like 70+ years at this point, and at an accelerating rate, so I hope the "getting better" part is just around the corner.