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At 11:23, Jon Stewart literally says

Jews and Blacks should get together and get Whitey.

I'm in disbelief this stuff can be said on national TV and White America just sits by and takes it up the ass. Holy shit.

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It has now been shared to 2 million subscribers on youtube

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The best part is Stewart has tried to cancel people by accusing them of "antisemitism" for saying things that aren't anywhere near as incendiary or blatant. It's also a good example of how unfunny Stewart is. You can find plenty of comedians that rag on whites in ways that are actually funny, but this is the best this mediocre boring fuck can come up with.

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Then at the end he peddles some shit about the "illuminati", which is considered an acceptable conspiracy theory allowed on youtube because it blames some group that doesn't even exist for things which are clearly being caused by a (((group))) that clearly does exist.