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I have long given up hope for any kind of White homeland in the US. I want to live among my own people but if that isn't an option I suppose I'd rather live among Asians or Mexicans than blacks. At least then I'm less likely to be randomly beaten or killed. Really though, I'm exhausted, I barely care anymore.

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Really though, I'm exhausted, I barely care anymore.

Yah, I'm burned out. Lately I've been thinking white people deserve what's coming to them. Anytime I try to talk to my family about racial realities or fag realities, they just double down on nonsense. Fuck em. Let them reap the whirlwind.

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You have to accept that some people like your family cannot be saved. Being demoralised however is conceding victory to our enemies, they want you to be demoralised and do everything in their power to do it. Do not lose hope, there's hundreds of millions of us and eventually our people will understand the danger they're facing and they'll act accordingly.

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This is depressing. No more debate just people swallowing black pills.

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Blacks wouldn't be more violent if it weren't for the liberal propaganda encouraging them to be.

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Blacks have been violent since before they were brought to the Americas. They are violent right now in Africa. They are violent in Europe, they are violent in Asia. Everywhere they live, they are the most violent and disruptive demographic by far.

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Blacks have been violent since before they were brought to the Americas.

Probably long before. The jewmedia riles them up, but even without jewmedia, they are low IQ and high time preferance. It makes them very violent.

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They have little to no sense of deferred gratification, like animals.

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Whites used to be just as violent. They only calmed down in the past couple centuries.

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Just ignore all the actual crime data and spout nonsense about White people being violent way back when. You're making a disingenuous comparison between Europeans doing organized warfare and black criminality.

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I have long given up hope for any kind of White homeland in the US

Why actually? Millions of Whites would want to live in a White only homeland in the US. And some of the states have less than one million people in them.
If we organized to take over a small state and make it a law that only whites were allowed, then we could do it and just ignore federal laws or whatever they want to throw our way.
This seems like a rather easy way to enact our own vision?
If we had the power of a single state, we could drive out every liberal and most right wingers would come here, even from around the world.

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Large corporations would sanction a white only state, just like they did to North Carolina and Arizona, for far less than creating a white only state.

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We saw this when the Jews boycotted Germany in the 30's. The Germans still prospered and simply found countries that would trade with them. The same thing can be done again. Over the long run a boycott against a white ethnostate would be suicidal to the global economy. Personally I'd live like the amish if I had to in order to live in a white state and I know there are many that think the same way.

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the Jews boycotted Germany in the 30's. The Germans still prospered

In the current year, whites would be boycotting whites. Almost everyone would be boycotting a white ethmostate. You would probably need a state that isnt landlocked and we would be on north korea levels of trade.

But agreed, i'd rather be living like the amish than living around trannies and niggers.

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What did they do to North Carolina and Arizona, and what does it matter if large corporations sanctioned us? Like what would it matter? And what did Arizona and NC do?

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What did they do to North Carolina and Arizona

They were sanctioned. NC for the tranny bathroom law. AZ for refusing MLK day.

what does it matter if large corporations sanctioned us

Sanctions can be used to coerce people, institutions, and governments into submission. For example, if a white state needs steel to build bridges, megacorporations or coalitions of small corporations can refuse to sell them steel for being racist. If the white state has a steel plant, megacorporations could refuse to sell them iron ore. If the white state has iron deposits, megacorporations could refuse to sell them heavy equipment for their iron mine for being racist. You can keep going on through the supply chain and break it apart with sanctions. Need access to the railroad? Denied. Need access to financial systems? Denied. Need access to oil or fuel? Denied.

Like what would it matter?

It matters because you need goods and services to live.

And what did Arizona and NC do?

They capitulated.

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I think what will happen is that those sanctions would be bypassed. We might have to pay a premium, but some company would love to get access to the market of an entire state because everyone else "ignores" them.

And if they can do it so easily, then we should be able to do that as well against their states.

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I did the math on this once.

Wyoming only has ~580,000 people in it, and is the least populated U.S. state.

If just one-quarter of one percent of America's white population moved to Wyoming, about 500,000 people, they could not only dominate its state legislature, and nullify federal laws within state borders... they could also vote to split the state into 200 states, and send a petition to Congress to recognize them.

Why would you do this? Because if these states were recognized by Congress, the United States of Wyoming would have the authority to call a Constitutional Convention and could collectively outvote all other states combined. It would mean that this block of 200 states could essentially re-write the Constitution as it saw fit, creating ethnostates with the stroke of a pen, and redrawing the lines of the entire country.

The Federal government doesn't have any legal mechanism to arbitrarily redraw the borders of states, and might actually welcome the opportunity to Constitutionally Balkanize this country before it descends into chaos and becomes unlivable. By being in the unique position to offer this opportunity, Whites could shape what that Balkanization looks like in their favor.

And if you think this sounds crazy, then you should look at what the left is planning.

They have schemes from Harvard and Yale law school profs, signed-off on by the NYT, to eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights altogether under a novel legal theory that Congress has the power to "insulate laws from judicial review":

One way to get to this more democratic world is to pack the Union with new states.[...]

More aggressively, Congress could simply pass a Congress Act, reorganizing our legislature in ways that are more fairly representative of where people actually live and vote, and perhaps even reducing the Senate to a mere “council of revision” (a term Jamelle Bouie used to describe the Canadian Senate), without the power to obstruct laws.

In so doing, Congress would be pretty openly defying the Constitution to get to a more democratic order — and for that reason would need to insulate the law from judicial review.

Here is the theory itself:

These are elites in the highest places in our society talking seriously about creating a Constitutional crisis, and eliminating the Constitution and its attending Bill of Rights entirely. If they tried this scheme, it would be World War III in this country. It would be nice to have a card to play at that moment that might allow for a more amicable resolution to things.

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they could also vote to split the state into 200 states, and send a petition to Congress to recognize them.

ZOG congress would never ratify.

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Lol @ the pro-Trump replies agreeing with "muh LEGUL immigration"

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capitalism, individualism, and Christianity

Just say Christianity.

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It's easy to replace u/clown_chan that way

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If you hate America so much you have every right to leave, unlike in a dictatorship. But I hope you don't, because you will find that life under a brutal regime is not pretty at all and will forever regret it.

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If you hate America so much you have every right to leave

There is nowhere left to fall back to. The entire anglosphere and most of europe is controlled by antiwhite jewish overlords.

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That's what would be so nice about a libertarian country. You could start a whites-only community somewhere. Of course I think that's both silly and prejudiced, but who am I to tell you what to do?

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That's what would be so nice about a libertarian country.

Maybe? In a libertarian society, a coalition of anti-racist large corporations could also refuse to sell me goods and services I need to live in order to punish and coerce me for living in the whites-only community.

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That wouldn't be good for business.

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Maybe? It might be great for business if they are being pressured by astroturfed boycotts created by a billionaire funded anti-racist propaganda machine. Either way, corporations and coalitions of corporations can have an agenda that doesnt always maximize immediate or even long term profit. Look at the recent bud light tranny stunt. They didnt put trannies on beer cans to sell more beer. They are pushing an agenda. Your theater isnt casting black Ellsa to sell more tickets.

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The government is key to sustaining all of that.

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Yes, agreed. Our government does very little, if anything to prevent this kind of abuse from big money.

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The problem isn't that the government doesn't do anything. It's that it funds and supports these operations.

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More libertarian nonsense, always trying to blame the government for every corruptive influence corporations have while having the delusion thinking that deregulation will somehow cause multi national corporate interests to suddenly align with national interests. Spengler is right when he says that liberal states do no have a State in the true sense. It is completely controlled by outside influences.

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It's "they're private corporations, they can do whatever they want" when billionnaires get to push their agenda, but not so much when it's about enabling Big State and Big Data. The spy chips inside all computers for example. Intel or AMD might go "we're a private corporation and we're not giving the government a backdoor into every single PC that uses our chips". But that never happens...

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"they're private corporations, they can do whatever they want"

This is why libertarianism just makes things worse. Private corporations aren't on our side and libertarianism seeks to give them freedom to abuse whites.

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ESG is terrible for business, look at the Bud Light thing. They're still ramming wokeness down our throats.

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Russia. Maybe.

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Who says the USA won't turn into a brutal regime though? It's happening all around the world.

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It probably will, thanks to everyone being a fool.

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You're ideology dominates our society.

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Hardly. Right now only communists or fascists have any chance of winning.

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fascists have any chance of winning

I wish!