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The most supportive group of the Iraq War, by far, was not Jews but White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, particularly Evangelicals.

Christians make up the majority U.S population, so that's not helping your cause.

Who were also the dominant group in the Bush administration, despite some Jews having prominent roles.

Yes, and Jews are only 2.4% of the population. Making their representation disproportionate.

As as well as,

Israel was officially neutral and many Israelis preferred to leave "the devil you know" Saddam Hussein in power.

Except Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed America to invade in 2003.

Even saying Israel is neutral in any context is hilariously wrong. They've been at war with Iraq throughout history, including bombing their nuclear reactor in 1981.

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Jews literally started the war.

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Go tell this to this jewish author writing for jewish media outlet. He is the closest to claiming it was "jewish war"

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.

To address the Gallup poll results, the most plausible explanations seems lack of nationalism on part of jews. After 9/11 everyone was riled up for revenge to invade some arab country but obviously you won't feel that way if you don't feel any affinity to America in the first place. This explains why the two groups least in favor of the war were blacks and jews. Blacks because they think America is racist and jews because they think nationalism is stepping stone to nazism - unless it's nationalism towards Israel obviously.

nd this isn't just because it was a "Republican" war and most Jews are Democrats. Jews were less supportive of the war than non-Jews regardless of party affiliation.

This is not exactly what the poll said. They only split party affiliation by democrat and non-democrat. In other words jewish centrists+republicans vs. gentile centrists+republicans. Obviously there will be larger share of republicans in the latter.

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        If the Iraq War was a Jewish war

        Did someone actually say those words or are you arguing against strawmen in your head?

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        The Iraq war was largely orchestrated by Jewish neoconservatives. The Project for A New American Century (PNAC) and other documents that planned out the war were Made by Israel and Jews. That's why we call it a Jewish Zionist war. It largely was.

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        Jewish neocon manipulation regarding Iraq is extremely well documented, by both the left and the right. Phiilip Giraldi and Micheal Schuer were relatively higher up CIA men, and in the case of Schuer had plenty of inside knowledge of how the Iraq war was launched, and they have laid out in pretty good detail who was responsible for the war and what their motivations appeared to be. Ever hear of the office of special plans? I mean the neocons were openly talking about how to invade and occupy Iraq and start a domino of regime change for Israel's enemies well before 9/11. If you believe the line that the war was fought for oil rather than for the benefit of Israel, then where is the oil? How does that explain our Libya involvement, or Syria involvement, or the neocon led Ukraine war?

        Another thing to remember is that the early 2000s were a different time. We actually still had a free internet at the time, and Jews were understandably worried about the blowback from being blamed for the Iraq war, and in fact the neocons had to lay low for a time and reinvent themselves as shitlibs because of negative reaction to their Iraq war and failed occupation, so imagine if Jews had openly and publicly embraced the Iraq war the way they are embracing the Ukraine war? With Ukraine they no longer have anything to fear because they now have the internet on lockdown so they can be as openly war mongering as they want to be and no one is able to openly discuss it, least of all the current left that is nothing like the left of 2003, and is now just controlled opposition run by war mongering establishment Jews.

        That's not to say there aren't a few antiwar Jews, but they are rare these days, and are considered fringe and not part of the Jewish mainstream anymore. Even Seymour Hersh has been banned from Jewish run media just for daring to say out loud what everyone already knows.