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Greg Johnson had a great quote, (paraphrase): "To destroy a society you just need to prioritize not offending Blacks. The rest will come naturally as they pull more and more TNB and chimp out if you criticize them or attempt to enforce White standards of decency." Anywhere on the planet where Blacks are not kept in line with the stick they will devour civilization. No amount of carrots will suffice. If you gave them each $10M they would blow it on retarded bullshit overnight. It's all so tiresome.

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What is TNB?

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Typical Nigger Behavior

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I live in the United States. I went to the zoo last week with my family. I didn't hear much English, mostly Spanish and Punjabi. As a white guy, I was definitely a minority. This is what it's like in the cities, even small and medium cities.

I live in a small town out in the country and it's 90+% white schools and white residents, but the closer you get to the city, the darker it gets.

Another thing I noticed was, pretty much all females, whites included, were dressed like prostitutes.

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I live in California and have been so accustomed to diversity that I don't even notice anymore when I am the only white guy in the entire gym I go to or at Walmart. But lately I notice it a lot more. It really feels like a different world when I recently went to a very upper class gym as a guest and suddenly surrounded by affluent white people. Good looking people everywhere. Not lingering smell of curry and black BO.

Also a side note I also don't notice just how fat EVERYONE is. But for real why is everyone fucking overweight, especially ethnic women

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Canada has turned into a hellish nightmare, it baffles my mind how so many people continue to move here.

Housing costs millions of dollar, despite the average Canadian making like $50,000 a year. Renting is even worse. It's constantly increasing, often coming with multiple people sharing a room.

Voting is also useless. Trudeau can call any of his opponents a racist/sexist/homophobic and he'll get another 4 terms. Despite this being the same Man who painted his face black multiple times.

Edit: Also must mention the country is obsessed with infinite population growth. Even though our hospitals, schools, public transit are at max capacity, the government still demands we must add another 100 million people because of "diversity". Pure insanity.

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Well the first indication is that a bunch of unemployed nigras live there.

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Where I live, you can just take a look at the downtown area. Everywhere reeks of piss, vacant and broken down storefronts not too far from luxury apartments and restaurants, and homeless negro addicts walking alongside troons, hispanic laborers, and White men with their chinese or indian mates.