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My hometown went from 70% White to less than 18% in just 27 years. It was impossible to not notice the demographic shift growing up.

  1. People spoke less English in public

  2. Impossible to get a job at even the most menial places like Mcdonalds or Tim Hortons. They were all ran by Indians who only hired their own.

  3. A ton of housing discrimination. You can still finds ads posted to this day that says Indians only.

  4. All the White Flight that happened in the 2000s. It was so bad, even this Crippled White Girl I knew got pulled from class and their family moved to Calgary, Alberta.

The worst part had to be all the Boomers who sat by and told me this was normal. But then they would turn around and demand they get to see a White Doctor. Fuck 'em.

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Canada is the White nation in the absolute worst position. Can you show any links to the Indian only ads? I've never seen the peoples party mention them.

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Rip. Were South Asians responsible for all of the decline?

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In Canada's case, we intentionally pick for educated immigrants, so their type of destruction doesn't add up until they start having children and referencing family members.

That's when their third world habits kick in. Loud music, insurance fraud, poor hygiene, sword fights, lack of assimilation etc.

But the worse news is that they only vote Liberal. And the Liberal Party always promises to increase immigration. So it's a never ending cycle of South Asians pouring in, who then vote for more South Asians to come here.

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We didn't have blacks in my school. Only 1 black girl and she was very ugly, I remember thinking that blacks are ugly because of her.

We had muslims though and yes I did see it. It wasn't exclusively muslim in the trouble groups, but the trouble groups would always have muslims in them.

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I grew up in an affluent school with a white/asian split mostly with zero blacks and a small minority of white washed hispanics. I remember the first time my group of friends (white guys) encountered black kids. We were probably 13/14 years old and we were like shocked on how dumb they acted and would openly make fun of them (among each other) after the encounter. It was like we had encountered another species. We would ape how they acted and talked (like low iq retards)

But with more and more encounters we realized it wasn't really funny anymore and they were just fucking animals and came up with code words to call them and talk about how annoying and how much we hated them. Again we were like 14 or so years old when we got race pilled on blacks

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Yes, absolutely. I remember blacks being good at sprinting and that was it. In basketball they never passed the ball and only scored when they palmed the ball (thus traveling) and pushed people around. They won a lot of pickup games by sheer intimidation and the threat of a fight if you started beating them. Blacks had a bad smell. Blacks were more obsessed with superficial trends and seemed to be having sex and talking about sex earlier than all the white kids. They were constantly blurting inappropriate things and everyone would treat them with kid gloves even back then. There was a constant double standard. Black diets were atrocious and even blacks that had two parents both working lived in disheveled homes that smelled and always had uncut lawns, dishes in the sink, and pizza shaped stains on the floor.

Mostly though the area I grew up in had hispanics. I'd say half of them were pretty normal. Not strong academically. Very very few could read well, even the 2nd and third generation westernized ones. The other half of the mexicans were your standard street corner cholos. They treated school like a place to go to antagonize people and look for future customers for drug sales. They didn't do very well at my school because there weren't enough of them to team up on you like they did in public. All they talked about was pot, rebuilding cars and dickies/pumas/clothes/etc. Their belts hung down to their knees and their white shirts were always too big. I remember one guy was famous for going around school and 'accidentally' getting you to bump into his white tennis shoes and then he would immediately punch you as hard as he could square in the chest. One kid got a fractured sternum. Girls loved this of course. Seemed to excite them. Never seemed to matter to women who was in the right or wrong in a scenario. Just who seemed more dominate socially. None of these guys survived till their junior year. I remember my graduating class being mostly white with a smattering of half breeds and talented 10th minorities.

I played basketball in junior high and started playing in high school but the rap/hip hop gangster culture dominated my high school sports team and I felt out of place despite liking and listening to rap at the time. Road trips were just like ebonics lectures from kids that were failing all their classes but for some reason still allowed to play. My sophomore year I started speech and debate club instead of basketball despite a love for all things athletics.

I dated a hispanic girl in highschool. She fucked on our first date. Her family had huge parties at the lake twice a year they called 'family reunions'. The food was mostly store bought junk food. I quickly learned these events were soley devoted to allowing teens to drink alcohol and sneak off in the woods to impregnate each other. Being a teen at the time with a horny latin girlfriend I enjoyed the opportunity but I remember being conflicted thinking that something about this whole grandma's and aunts and uncle present while I fucked their granddaughter just didn't feel right. It was a stark contrast with the values my family had tried to raise me with. Of course I learned later that Hispanics have huge rates of incest and molestation most likely because of these types of events. Many latin women are probably so aggressive because it's one response to the trauma of getting raped by an uncle they trusted.

Later in college I jumped on the male feminist bandwagon but had a bit of a split personality where I still hunted, backpacked and did traditional masculine things with mostly right wing friends. I was definitely a liberal though. My early observations on black and mexican behavior in middle school were pushed out of my mind by my college programming. I truly believed that it was simply just 'culture' and 'lack of jobs' or 'poverty mindset' that created these uncivilized people. The new anti white propaganda had not hit my college. There was PLENTY of anti male/toxic male/date rape programming going on at that time though. I remember internalizing a lot of that and treating women WAY too kindly and not getting a lot of dates because of it. Wasn't really until my 30's that I learned about the men and women redpill post divorce.

I guess I got off on a tangent there. One more thing I remember about middle school. I had a black friend named [insert typical black name] who I played a lot of basketball with. Dude was a straight up niggger. I really should have learned about blacks right there and saved myself 25 years of living in a fantasy. Despite becoming friends with him and spending a lot of time listening to music, walking to fast food places and playing video games and trying to treat him as an equal the guy still stole my wallet from my locker in the gym one day. Years later I asked him why he did it. He just said, "I broke 'ghetto rules'" and that even though we were friends he was allowed to steal my wallet because I left it unattended for a split second. These are not the same people as us.

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Wow. What a life experience.

I also noticed that black kids cared about so much about sports. I also noticed the smell. I later found out it has to do with a sweat gene that most blacks have.

Lol @ the hispanic girl fucking on 1st date. They are very sexual and focused on pumping out as many kids as possible. I think it is also because they develop puberty sooner.

I knew a black kid like that. It is exactly why it is best to avoid being friends with most black and hispanic kids. They will always resent and hate people that are more successful than them.

All these diverse schools in America are so bad and only getting worse. I can only hope for people to get the fuck out of public school and limit interactions with these thugs.

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My experience was in the 90's and early 2000's. I can't even imagine how bad it is today for white kids.

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There were none of the lesser races in my region. Got to see what they're like in the military, then moved to White California. That was then. I saw 5 niggers and two trannies yesterday.

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I didn't notice it until junior high school. I remember the school I went to having more asians and hispanics. The niglets, hispanics and chinese had their own groups, anyone else was mostly with the Whites. One chinese kid I knew got suspended, otherwise it was almost always negroes and hispanics getting into fights.

I don't even think there were any negroes in any of my classes besides PE and social studies, except like a female niglet in one of my math classes.

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Went to a private school in Brazil, there were zero blacks/mulattoes until High School when they start giving stipends to poor students. The class I graduated in (mid 2010s) was all whites w/ a few whitewashed mestizos and two favela "black" girls who hated all the other upper-middle class kids and mostly kept to their favela-minded friends. I didn't think much of them (always treated them well and vice-versa), except I always had it very clear in my mind that dark-skin is synonymous with poverty and possibly danger.

It was not until I went to university that I started to see more clearly how devastating the effects of affirmative action are and how disgusting all the leftoids there were. School was a mostly fine and wholesome experience though, good times I miss. To this day whenever I pass by I can see that almost everyone there is white.

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Those school statistics don't add up unless there was overlap in the Black and Hispanic kids.

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My fault for rounding the numbers instead of giving exact number. It is also combined with mixed race kids.

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My mom said as a baby I would point to black people and say "ba!"

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Schools I went to where nearly 80% - 90% White, with nearly no Blacks. There were Asians but for the most part I just thought of them as smart/quiet, typical liberal thinking. I do have one memory of being in 4th grade at music class this teacher had us gather around in a circle for a story she was telling for Black History Month.

She (White lady) said she knew a Black woman who grew up under Jim Crow in the South and one day her and all the Blacks were excited when they saw a new school being construction. Then our teacher paused telling the story and began to cry when the story goes they found out it was only for Whites and I remembered thinking "why didn't they just build there own school then damn"

Race I was never too exposed to, just what I would later see on /pol/ and experience in my college city, but general brainwashing on Slavery, Jim Crow, and of course the Holocaust 100%. Thankfully for whatever reason that type of stuff never really had a big effect on me as it did my peers

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Well I mean, in the jim crow south I highly doubt the African American population would have the wealth to build a school and would probably be barred from establishing one.