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I'm going to pin this thread so we don't have to make a bunch. AA wrote a good article this morning with lots of twitter video links. If you have hard drive space please save these clips because once this thing burns out the uni party will try to cover it up and act like it didn't happen.

Few more clips I saved from pol threads last night

based CCTV pole

elephant in the room

this is fine

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Maybe this will wake up the native french hiding in the suburbs to the idea that importing millions of Africans was a bad idea. The yellow vest protests were a start but it seems like the system wasn't intimidated by peaceful white protests. Western media didn't really cover the yellow vests either. I wonder if they will cover these riots.

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I haven't seen anything yet. But danish media is talking about a danish company canceling pride due to republican backlash

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Nope I don't see anything in English media and I rely on telegram to cover French stuff

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It's evident that there are a lot less far-left whites participating in this than in 2020 BLM riots. It's also evident that the turd here is a lot better organized and they are actually managing to blow up police stations and steal govt ammo. Might be due to the fact that many of these invaders are disciplined muslim jihadists with military training and not simply useless, fentanyl-powered ghetto trash as US niggers are. Arabs are capable of causing A LOT more damage than niggers for despite being less animalistic/psychopathic they are a lot more intelligent and can actually think in terms of guerilla warfare and not simply random looting.

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not simply useless, fentanyl-powered ghetto trash as US niggers are

I like u already

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At least they arent speaking German

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The African rioters have been perpetrating gruesome acts of violence against the French. This video shows a Frenchman who had his hands cut off by the rioters. Incidents like these show in graphic detail what barbarians the Africans really are. This is what the future of Europe looks like.






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I've heard that ground active clubs/nationalist groups have had a massive surge in irl recruits, and on top of that the military is heavily rw and most are white. So the future has more potential than you'd think, the French are not so apathetic as the Americans have been.

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In before "the French will just surrender" by the average ameritard.

I agree with you. The reality of the 3rd Reich having been a force for GOOD is starting to dawn on the French and in other nations. Very little in Germany though, obviously.

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Germany has a solid scene tbh their entire dissident+military+security sphere have significant presence. How big is the NS strain within French nationalist spheres from what you've seen on the ground?

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I'm in Québec, so I wouldn't know. What I do know is more and more are figuring it out.

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This isn't surprising. This is what they do to each other in Africa and the Middle East, so with anarchy in France, I would expect mutilations to be more common.

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Let France burn to the ground.

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I used to get really worked up about stuff like this but I've been trying not to lately. I have learned to just accept it as punishment for the weakness of late stage liberal society, even moreso weakness of RW movements who lack any organization or revolutionary will. The democratic age and its weak spirit has completely degenerated European man. The end result may be a few points bump to the controlled RW party when what it needed is a reverse bolshevik style revolution to tear down the current order and build it anew.

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In the past couple of years, I don't think I've ever seen you say anything positive about white people or even any right winger. It's always just takes like this. If everyone is doing such a poor job of undermining liberalism, it should be be very easy to do better. So, where are your achievements? Don't you think you are being a bit unfair?

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My issue isn't even the lack of action taken against the current order but the lack of consciousness of the severity of situation and the radical action that must be taken. Most RW don't speak or think like this, they are weak and democratic in their mentality. Look at the way radical leftists constantly speak about revolutionary action against the system, it doesn't matter if they are retarded at least they think in such terms. Would Bolsheviks ever have achieved what they did if their propaganda wasn't constantly advocated for revolutionary action? Never before has the West been more in need of revolutionary change but because RW identifies with conservatives and engages liberal democracy they do not even talk about revolutionary action let alone take it.

And before someone mentions the way Nazis were able to have revolutionary change by engaging with the liberal democratic system, that was a different situation in a unique culture that cannot be compared to today. We are more equivalent to Bolsheviks in Tsarist Russia, they could never hope to achieve power through democratic means so the only choice was revolution.

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You can't expect the average citizen to have a thorough political education and a character suited for politics. This will never happen, and can never happen. It has never been the case. And the same applies even for what we could call "the political vanguard". Most right wingers you see are still human beings who are just trying their best. And it should be noted that the right has faced a century of marginalisation and harsh suppression. I am impressed that right wingers today can even get anything done at all, and they are doing things despite the extraordinarily difficult circumstances. As for the comparison with leftists, the radicalism of leftists, particularly American leftists, is owed to them being psychologically unstable and often times straight up criminal individuals. They are forced to be radical because they are incapable of moderation, political or even mental or emotional. I would think that it is a good thing to differ from leftists in this regard. Not to mention that leftists have been completely ineffective in achieving any of their goals besides annoying right wingers and getting in the way of more effective and organic political forces. Electorally and on the streets, the left is a failure. They are good at being lapdogs for the liberals and little else. Look at what happened to the Sanders campaign, to the Antifa autonomous zone, to basically any leftist endeavour. It's all come to nothing, always. Are you really sure that these are the people you want to emulate?

If we are going to talk history, then let us at least be consistent - do you think that the Bolshevik revolution was not itself the result of unique, unrepeatable historical conditions? Here's a few vital preconditions without which the Bolshevik revolution would not have come to be: the events of 1905, the imperial government's response in the years following 1905, the unprecedented experience of the First World War and the February Revolution. A Bolshevik Revolution type of scenario is never going to happen in the modern West. The Bolsheviks relied especially on their hardened and well-entrenched power base in the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. The major cities and the capitals today, on the other hand, are where the right wing movements are weakest. These are the strongholds of leftists and liberals. So, clearly, a Bolshevik-style strategy is completely impossible.

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This is really absurd. I've seen some comparisons with the cartel situation in Latin America and it actually seems to check out. Crazy to think that just a few decades ago this was completely inconceivable. In light of this, the appeal of the French PM is almost funny. Apparently, the PM, Elisabeth Borne, made a public statement appealing to reason, telling the rioters that "destroying their own neighbourhoods won't solve anything". As if they identify with those neighbourhoods and as if they are the ones who are going to rebuild them and pay for them. What sheer farce. It makes you wonder if the French political class is cynically trying to paper over the real situation by pretending that they still govern a united civil society, or if they really are delusional enough to believe that.

I suppose it is also pretty funny that Macron, Mr. Jupiter, a self-identified enlightened liberal and populist hero, would have his political career characterised by the violent suppression of the various strata of French society. Life has a way with irony, it seems.

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These riots won't amount to anything valuable for Whites unless the rioters REALLY over play their hand. It has a sympathetic origin, the shooting was unjustified and horrible. This is a loss for our race and a win for Anti Whites unless like I said they overplay their hand (killing Whites, killing police, the riot turns into an LA 1992 style riot etc).

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I don't think many people care about some random mulatto thug getting what he deserves. In fact, 70% of French support sending in the army to smash the rioting roaches, which is a very different public opinion situation from 2020 in the infinitely more pozzed US. This kind of niggardly niggerism doesn't get nearly as much sympathy in still relatively sane Europe as it does in xanax-fueled yankland.

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Many Americans are deluded in thinking America is more RW than Europe who they think are all a bunch of sissy liberals but in reality Europe is more RW on almost all the issues that matter due to stronger nationalist instincts.

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This kind of niggardly niggerism doesn't get nearly as much sympathy in still relatively sane Europe as it does in xanax-fueled yankland.

You're crushing it.

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Sympathetic according to whom, exactly? You are aware that in the Twitter thread linked in the original post there is footage of hardened criminals throwing live grenades at police, throwing Molotovs, using firearms, torching cars, and trying to rob banks with specialised equipment, correct? This may come as a shock to you, but as a rule, when criminals and leftists riot, the only people who sympathise with them tend to be other criminals and leftists.

[–]Nasser 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

The origin of the riot with the officer killing the 17 year old, which was unjustified, similar story with the racial reckoning of 2020. The moderate White will be manipulated by that and downplay or "understanding where they are coming from".

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I have never met anyone who wasn't a leftist and had anything positive to say about the 2020 riots. It will be the same with these riots, and any other similar riots in the future. Believe it or not, normal people really don't like it when cities get torched and anarchy rules the streets. Who would've thought?

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u/Nasser is a leftist concern troll and regular here. She is sympathetic to the leftist rioters, and thus, she assumes other European whites will be turned to her way of thinking.

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There were fundraisers for both the officer and the "victim". The officer has 30 million Euros and the "victim" less than a million.

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the rioters are better armed, organized, and destructive than anything that happened in america in 2020. idt it's a win or loss for whites unless white french militias rise up to contain this

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I can't watch the twitter post without logging in. Any other source?

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bellum acta on telegram if you have that is posting the same. but you can also just use nitter to view without logging in

nvm the nitter link got nuked by age restriction

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I'm not on telegram either since it requires a phone number

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You can get a fake number and use that.

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No thanks. Giving it traffic will make others use their real phone number