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This is so depressing. Yet another example of bourgeois "democracy" being a dead-end for people who want real change. It seems like revolution really is the only option left.

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It's the only option to become free people, but it will never happen, because of the way people are. The masses never revolt unless they're told to. It's just the nature of people.

Ukraine is a good recent example. Their new owner (after finally convincing them with $5 billion to revolt) is clearing them from the land they foolishly believed was theirs. And France, France isn't France anymore. South Africa is in an even more advanced state of herd replacement. The goyim/cattle meme is unfortunately (for us) based in part on actual reality.

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You're still buying into the myths of liberalism. Revolutions never need the masses to succeed. You need a dedicated and organized minority.

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So we're agreeing the thoughts and wishes of the people, as the herd in question, are effectively irrelevant to the management of the territory they inhabit? That dedicated and organized minority are the stormtroopers of the prospective new owner-operators. (or 'managers', depending on your beliefs about the cabal structure)

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... which will become corrupted by their power, sooner or later. Only an IDEOLOGICALLY supported movement can organize the masses into enough support for a system to endure and retain its core values for a long time. Uncle Adolf was motivated by his love for his people, whom he understood perfectly.

Thus, he was able to embody the very SOUL of the German people, using THEIR values as a foundation for his movement and organization. And that is why the communists needed to defeat him.

Now that there is no homogeneity of people, core values mean nothing because they are not shared by the population, and thus there is no "soul of the nation" to embody and enshrine as a core of values around which to build an enduring system and government.


The only thing left to do are rural ghettos for like-minded people to organize themselves into self-sufficient, as much as possible, micro-societies.

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That is exactly it. The Checkmate is kind of final though. In the short term, rural ghettos would be the least bad solution. Beyond that, actual solutions become rather impossible outside of theory.

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Yes, I agree. I wonder how many people are able to see this and agree with us? Are we the tiniest minority?

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They all get taken aside but some deep state person and told what they must do for the greater good

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And if they don't, they start receiving bodyparts in boxes. A finger, an ear, a toe... Of their most loved ones. Pretty soon they start "behaving themselves".

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Cucked "far-right" parties is the new trend.

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Are the migrants let in temporary guest workers or are they full citizens with permanent residency?

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At this point, Europe needs a miracle.

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If Le Pen or Zemmour won in France, would they have failed like Meloni?

Absolutely, just look at Trump (who these leaders where modeled after).

He apologized at the first sign of being called "racist" and it was back to the status quo.

You need a leader who wont puss out on describing demographic replacement. I would argue Viktor Orban is the closest you'll get to such person.