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Putin is renewing the USSRs strategy of third worldism. This will improve his chances of winning the proxy war against the West, but it looks very bad optics wise.

I am getting more and more disillusioned with Putin and his methods as time goes on. I still hate the Globalists and their satraps, but man, Russia is just stooping to new lows. Their invasion of Ukraine degenerated into a stalemate. Their default strategy is to slaughter hapless Ukrainian conscripts while refusing to target the Jewish leadership (Zelensky & co). They recruit Chechen muslims to fight Ukrainians, and they turn a blind eye to the war crimes they commit. And now Russia is making deals with Africans.

I absolutely despise the timeline that we live in. The West is ruled by Jewish psychopaths who are carrying out a soft genocide of white Europeans. Our standards of living are declining continuously due to their machinations. Meanwhile, the standards of living in third world shitholes is rising continuously due to them modernising, using technology created by white Europeans. At this point, we can safely say that Globalism is a worse ideology that Communism.

Communism turned the countrys that adopted it into stagnant dystopias. Globalism impoverishs the first world while enriching the third world. This is a monstrous injustice that has no precedent in human history. That the strong and rich states are torn down for the betterment of the weak and the poor states. This is an abomination of natural law, because strong people make strong states, while weak people make weak states. Equality is an insanely destructive ideology.

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Meanwhile, the standards of living in third world shitholes is rising continuously due to them modernising, using technology created by white Europeans.

Don't people who can lead good lives in their own nations tend to stay in their nations? Deterioration of White nations is not a good, and it is not be the responsibility of Whites to aid non-Whites, but a solution that keeps non-whites in their countries while encouraging the ones in White nations to leave doesn't seem so bad.

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The standard of living in the first and third world will either reach an equilibrium most beneficial to globalist means of socio-political control or the bottom falls out of the first world and brings the third world down with it (possibly)

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It doesn't simply "look" bad. Russian money will be financing the bullets which Julius Malema's feral niggers use to slaughter White South Africans. In fact, it almost certainly already is.

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What in the hell is wrong with you

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" Not to mention the fact that Putin has probably promised these leaders some free Russian -- or captured Ukrainian -- pussy as well."

Very normal thing to say. Go take some family member and read them out loud what you wrote here

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Is it really that far-fetched?

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Yes and even worse it's super cringe too

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Putin also announced that Russia would provide assistance to the countries in their efforts to free themselves from the “vestiges of colonialism.” The Kremlin leader reiterated that Russia would continue to be a reliable supplier of grain to the continent’s countries.

Feed the continent that has billions of low IQ people who hate Whites and are flooding Western countries? Yeah, good job Putin.

And he's doing it for FREE.

““African states received a wide range of weapons and technology, some for free. “Some of these deliveries are provided on a gratuitous basis with the aim of enhancing the security and sovereignty of the countries.”

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Those blacks won't be allowed to flood Russia, only the West. Why should Putin care about what happens to the West?

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Because millions of Whites still live there.

It also doesn't help that Russia's birth rate has fallen below replacement levels.

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So what? If anything, making the West more inhospitable (due to mass migration) will encourage more whites to consider migration to Russia, which will likely be the last large white country in the future. Putin has no obligation to do anything that helps the West in any way whatsoever.

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You think millions of American Whites or British are going to learn Russian? Come on, that's just a disaster and will kill off more cultures.

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Can't you find real news sources that report on this? The first ten results on Google are all the typical fake news websites, as always.

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Why are you using google?

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  1. It offers a search engine.
  2. I wanted to search.

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Use alternative search engines

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What would that accomplish? It's not going to give me more privacy, since every query is logged anyway.

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So you can avoid censorship obviously.

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Betcha those nigger nations will provide Putin with some bodies for his military. Cannon fodder.

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I hope not. I don't want niggers raping Ukranian women.