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Explain why Russians SHOULD be pro-white if this is what white people think about them.

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How about doing the right thing and not just reacting to your own fragile ego all the time.

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There is a lot of good will among White nationalists when it comes to Russia. Lots of us admire and wish we could fully support the Russian regime. But any state which supports or financing anti-white third-worldism would automatically become an enemy of White people. So Russia must think very carefully about what it is doing in Africa and Latin America because the consequences may be catastrophic.

The bar is really low here. It's really not that hard but the soviet boomers in the Kremlin are somehow still managing to screw it up.

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Yes, it does appear that Putin is fully on board with the war against the white race. How that can possibly be, I can't begin to fathom.

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Soviet Brainwashing + Whatever lead poisoned products Boomers grew up with.