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Honestly, half these guys people think are Feds are just people living their best life. I wouldn’t do what he does but when I was younger, this whole political scene was significantly more LARPy and there were plenty of people the denizens of the Internet now would guess were “Feds” that are still around, a few of whom are in prison (but proud and ready for the day they can be free to do activism again) - many, many more of whom are raising families and looking back and laughing at the wild fun they had, none of whom had people arrested near them or anything like that that would actually warrant a fedjacket.

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Used to interact with him on instagram a lot back in 2020, he kinda fits the jarhead stereotype and he is a known homosexual but I don't think he's an actual agent, at worst might've been an unreliable informant in the past. He does not encourage illegal activity or action from what I can see. His group is just a glorified somewhat militarized frat that happens to do some edgy activism.

That said the principle of "nobody talks, everybody walks" always applies, do not discuss illegal activities with anyone you never know who is an informant or under surveillance.

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He's obviously a controlled asset now.

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Let's say he is, what is gonna come out of it? If his group didn't exist they could easily use The Base or AWD to justify the same legal actions. In any case the entire idea of these groups is to provoke a legal crackdown on common people to get more to sympathize with the cause, that's how these guerilla resistances work.

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The whole idea is to put the sympathizers on lists and then either jail them on trumped-up terrorism charges, or turn them to get more, and or also to utterly cancel them in every way possible, including financially, once the CBDC rolls out.

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If the CBDC thing is as extensive as people predict it to be, then wouldn't that mean the only realistic way for the restricted class to survive would be through crime and the black market? I think that would be quite a risky move for the System.

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It's going to be gradual, boiling-frog style. Always. And as always they'll come for the most wanted first, then later a second group, etc. They always work gradually.

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I think it would be suicidal for the System to force capable and intelligent whites who largely are just shitposting online into actual action.

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At some point, there WILL be confrontation. They KNOW and expect this. They'll make it so it's on their own terms.

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If it's doing or advocating something illegal, it glows. If it's doing or advocating something that is legal but politically incorrect, it's based.

The idiot in the twitter thread claimed that it only took him five minutes to find the "fed" connection. But nowhere in the thread does he show any such thing. "Stone" is a jewish surname, anglicized from Stein.

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If you read the tweet, the FED connection is pretty obvious.

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What is it? Articulate this "FED connection" you claim was obvious to you.

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If you're too dumb to see it, and not actually playing, then I won't make you smart enough to be useful by guiding the eyes above your drooling mouth towards the parts that any reasonably endowed human will go "OK, that's a controlled asset". I think you're playing dumb, because people are rarely THAT dumb, and just want me to show you how to present somebody so that they don't trigger the "controlled asset" flags.

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So, you won't be able to articulate this claimed "FED connection" you claimed was obvious to you, is what I'm hearing you say, is that correct?

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Retard annoys. Retard blocked.

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Okay. Bye Ira.

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I have little patience for morons but I came back just for you. My munificence amazes me.

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Firstly, "Antifa" aren't attacking them. Secondly, he's associated with a federal felon whose charges are all redacted off official documents. So he co-owns property with somebody who is CLEARLY and OBVIOUSLY a controlled asset. Also, he's protected from "Antifa" which is also FED controlled. Polhaus also failed to show up to court and is not being disturbed by cops. CAN YOU EVEN READ MOTHERFUCKER.

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"Felony" doesn't mean "Federal". There are no federal cases in either Polhaus or Ramey.

Ramey had a patch of state felony convictions 21 years ago when he was a couple of years out of high school, for which I bet he served his complete sentences. Jamiroquai was on the radio, people wrote emails to one another on their Blackberries and the Clinton administration was incinerating the children of the Waco compound. It was a different time. We are now in the present.

When you apply for a business license or similar business with a state governing body, they require a disclosure form, which they check. If you had been indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and served your sentence to the satisfaction of the criminal court, the matter is closed. A state licensing board is entitled to know if you are a criminal. They aren't allowed to retry you in their process for any crimes that you were tried, convicted and sentenced for and for which you served your sentence to the satisfaction of the court. So the charges are redacted, as standard legal procedure. Redaction policies such as these protect our civil rights. They are not evidence of intervention of federal agencies.

Fred Ramey was not shy about his status, having done public activism under the moniker, "Fred the Felon". When Ramey first emerged as a rightwing activist organizing for the Yang campaign, for which there was significant support from the "alt-right", his state felony convictions were twenty years behind him. There are no "feds" in the picture. Nothing for a fed to leverage against him. None of this thing you're telling me is OBVIOUS to you. Ramey's organizing for a presidential candidate additionally demonstrates that he is not involved in the sort of empty loud talk which the FBI typically pretexts their investigations on.

Polhouse is not being disturbed by the cops for his failure to appear because he did appear under notice of a bench warrant which was issued and, when he appeared before the court, the court dropped the charges. I got that from the jewish propaganda you're peddling here. It says it right there on the page. A sane person reads that and recognizes that the matter was a traffic ticket.

When I think of all the people who aren't attacked by antifa it's hard to discern which ones are most salient. The Proud Boys are attacked by antifa, but their leader is a known federal informant. So does that mean that someone is a federal informant if they are attacked by antifa? Maybe antifa just attacks whoever they can acquire intelligence on and rightwing activists who operate by intelligent methods can avoid interactions with antifa/feds which they can't win.

You know what antifa never attacks? Jews. Didja notice that? The BLM terror left the memory of Judah Benjamin and the Touro Synagogue untouched. For all this claptrap about The Left being the big antisemites because they're pro-Palestinian or anti-rent or they have the temerity to classify jews as "White", antifa never attacks jews. Antifa attacks churches and Christian facilities, but never jewish ones.

It's also weird how many antifas are jews, isn't it? Like even the guy who attacked Rittenhouse was some jew who raped nine year-old boys.

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I'm Jew-aware bro. But to me, there is NO WAY IN HELL these guys parading with their swastikas and tattoed faces aren't purposely displaying the mental caricature that most people have of "the evil nazis" in order to attract the dumbest among those who identify with these symbols.

I love Hitler as the last bulwark the world had against the unrelenting assaults of degenerate evil upon our world. But he's gone now and the symbols aren't going to do anything but radicalize people AGAINST those guys, which has to be on purpose. True right-wing thinkers are not dumb.

On another site, somebody wondered,

but I am also often left wondering what a legitimate movement would look like.

My response:

Adopt a style, a language, a demeanor that speak refinement. Use understatements continuously.

Talk about the housing crisis and how the state must do more to ensure that population and housing are more in balance. Jobs and costs.

Instead of:

War on the white race. Directly blaming immigration, etc.

Talk about the concentration of media information and power instead of naming the Jews.

This is of course just a small example, but you get the idea. Present as "we are just reasonable true conservatives who want decency." Of course, there can be no decency while joggers and (((others))) run rampant. We all know that. Heck, there might even be some adherents who don't understand the subtext.

Call it the "Return to decency" movement or something innocuous like that.

Because you can't SHOCK people into following you. Any such shock will result in an absolute denial of any form of support or association. But using honeyed, innocent-sounding words, just like (((our enemies))) do, now that will win over support.

When you start saying, "yes voting is cool and all that, but the media needs more objectivity otherwise THEY decide the election. And look, the media bigwigs are all dual-citizenship people." instead of "kill the kikes", it sounds A LOT BETTER and people can get behind that. From "kill the kikes" the slogan becomes "Objectivity in media!" Who will openly be against this?

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I am confident that you are intimately aware of jews. You know why? Because you have a swastika flag beside your name as you council your Fellow National Socialists to "don't be a nazi". The shit you're peddling about this group is Gateway Pundit material, literally published from Israel.

Your proposition is to deradicalize and return to Conservativism. But we can make conclusive judgements of the 70-year experiment in having White people retreat from the domestic regime of WWII's judeo-bolshevik victory behind deracinated liberalism (trading on it's intrinsic, underlying White-ness) and calculating our rhetoric to be anodyne and unthreatening.


Go blow a shofar.

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you council your Fellow National Socialists to "don't be a nazi"

Now you've outed yourself in an irredeemable manner. I never said anything like that. What I'm saying is: Don't be THE CARICATURE of a nazi that the brainwashed sheeple expect nazis to be. You are purposely equating presenting as a caricature with being the real deal. That is a very Jewish style of misdirection and it's not going to work.

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How many of these sites do you have?

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Why this question? Oh, right... Trying to detract from the fact that I called them out before this came out and all of a sudden my position is vindicated.

Well I'm not here to have conflict with other right ringers who want a Return To Decency. Up to you to decide whether you are one or not...