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What denomination was Marx himself?

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Marx was a self-hating Jew.

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People, hibikiblack is a Jew who sourced the CanaryMission!!!

Read Toledo archives to see how the Jews tried to infiltrate the Jesuit order. The anti-converso Jesuit Catholics were actually pretty ruthless against Jews, but lost in the end.

Anyone who focuses on Jesuits as the founders of Communism are shills. Read Denis Fahey: "The Rulers of Russia" or the "Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World" or "The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society."

There you'll find your answers. Jews tend to lie and deceive about Catholics and Jesuits.

It's the Jews, it's Chabad, it's Judaism. Hibikiblack sourced a Freemason Jew, has a Freemason sloganized sub, sourced an anti-Jesuit diamond dealing Zionist Jew Israeli, a Grand Orient anti-Jesuit Freemason, the SouthernIsraelite, who is a Jew, and many more scumbags.

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lol cry all you want. The anti-Semitism of the Intelligence Agencies is exposed.

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Okay, Jew. Only radical Jews source the CanaryMission to defame people who stand against Jewish supremacism. How are you even a mod? You could have been a little more subtle and not used a supremacist Jew Israeli billionaires defamation site to, muh, 'call out the big bad 'antisemites.'

END JUDAISM, the most backwards, disgusting cult to ever exist, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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lol, What happened to the "Jews are mostly good people" you, /u/Jesus? Something seems off. The Catholic extremist in you can't contain the need for religious persecution?

The fate of the White Nations belongs to the Protestants either way.

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When did I ever say "Jews were good people?" Jews are not a race, nor an ethnic group, but a schizophrenic people possessed by the backwards religion of rabbinic Judaism, and all of its waste product offshoots: Zionism, secularism, reformed, etc.

Religious persecution is a must. Keep members of the genital mutilation cult in their ghettos, as it was before the 'enlightenment.' Arrest Jews who fail to repudiate genital mutilation. Ban kosher slaughter, which is animal abuse. Jail mohels. Try and execute Zionist warmonger and warcriminals. Expel all Zionists from public office as per title of nobility clause in Constitution and invoke FARA!

The fate of White nations belongs to Europeans and Catholics. Protestants are too philo-semitic to render any enhancement in human life. They will gladly follow Jews to Ein Sof.

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End Judaism, and you end the possession.

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But he was brought up Christian.

Edit: ffs, he was an evangelical.

That explains a lot.

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“Karl Heinrich Marx was one of nine children born to a successful attorney in Prussia in 1818. His father had converted to Christianity so as to be able to practice law but was descended from a long line of rabbis. Marx’s father was a man of the Enlightenment who believed in a supreme being but whose more relevant gods were Frederick the Great and the Prussian State. He introduced his son to Voltaire and Rousseau and believed deeply that reason and science were the sufficient guides to life. Marx’s mother was, apparently, religious only in a formalized sense. So, Karl’s relationship with Christian faith was substantially the formal religious training he received in the Prussian school system.“  MARX’S NEW RELIGION - ROBERT F. SCHWARZWALDER JR.                       

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Most people were true believers back then, being raised without religion wasn't a thing like it is now. Marx's ideas about the fall of capitalism are lifted straight from the Book of Revelations. The whole reason he valued the poor rather than the strong was because that's what Christianity does.

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Lmao. Marx was NOT Christian. Your source is a subversive Jew.

If you do not' know anything about Crypsies, Marrano crypto-Jews, the Sephardim's expulsion from Spain, the inquisition, you'll never understand that Marx was a subversive Jew.

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Nah, he was a Talmudic Jew following the subversive nature of Chabad, who push the Cabalistic idea that you must descend to your opposite, to become your enemy, to revolutionize the Amalek nation, only later to destroy it.