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I'm the one the stuck up for BAP. I don't know him but I know someone that knows him. I'm disappointed by his recent statement on race blindness as the only viable strategy moving forward. I've read BAP's statement several times. One thing that stuck out is that he's putting this forward as a strategy not his personal belief. That should be noted.

He's right on several additional accounts. People that are lower then whites simply will never embrace such a fact. I agree with him. They will always fall for some type of argument that their inferiority is because of a historical wrong doing. Pushing human biodiversity isn't going to change the extreme victimhood lower races feel (you can temper it by eliminating Jewish propaganda but that's a side issue). BAP is also right about how high achieving people from higher stations in life are hopelessly brainwashed. They are too lost in the idea of innocent underdog that's only there because of injustice. I'm an optimist on this front. I think that if I can wake up to the lies then maybe more people can but I can't just wait and 'hope' that that's going to happen. We need other strategies.

Could BAP be advancing this strategy because he's an evil subversive jew that wants whites to lose the culture war? Maybe, but it seems like he's just attempting to find a way for the dissident right to engage in the mainstream more effectively. I'd like to hear him flush out his ideas more even though I disagree that even short-term 'race blindness' is an option.

The biggest problem with promoting race blindness is that the minute you do that you can't pinpoint jewish subversion of nations and even more critically you can't defend your own racial preservation. What's the point of preserving whiteness is there is no whiteness? No, race blindness is not a good strategy and anyone promoting it is going to need to go into a lot more details on why they think it's a good idea before I consider such a notion.

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Interesting time to be pushing race blindness just when the centre is starting to accept race realism.

I guess change is scary and people will, often fairly, assume most change will lead to a slippery slope.

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it's entirely because the rising tide of swarthoids see jews as white.

BAP is trying to do a self preservation.

they were fine with (and the instigators behind) decades of anti-white policies and propaganda, but now they they've been slightly put on the spot, they're losing their shit.

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He expanded on his point and it really does read like he's a jew. Now he's arguing for banning "race, religion, ethnicity" data in public/govt statistics, or race based groups/orgs.

Joel Davis pointed out that his original main premise that "non-whites will never accept that they're inferior" is inherently flawed, because white interests can simply be advanced by arguing the truth that races are different, not superior or inferior. And the idea that we're different, they can and will accept. Most already do.

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I've had success promoting white victimhood by pointing to leftists anti white racism against whites. That's a type of "color blindness" that does see color, however under the egalitarian moral framework. I am arguing from this position, because it is hard to get banned (except if the moderators are jews / antifa / etc that see through my rhetoric), and it allows me to move people closer to our position that would otherwise blindly follow leftist propaganda.

I've even convinced mixed race people (successful ones) about how the left is oppressive towards whites.

The way I justify my strategy is that moving people from an anti white ideology to a color blind ideology that sees whites as being oppressed is more beneficial to us.
Affirmative action policies that discriminate against whites are a disadvantage to us. Having people be against those policies is a benefit to us, regardless of why they oppose it.

I agree that the distinction between him believing it's a viable strategy but not his personal belief should be noted.

The biggest problem with promoting race blindness is that the minute you do that you can't pinpoint jewish subversion of nations and even more critically you can't defend your own racial preservation.

I agree with this