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Fractional banking:

  • They loan you $100 that never existed before loaning it to you.

  • You perform all the work and pay it back.

  • You have now done all the work.

  • While they now have all the money created from the work you have done.

  • Slavery/theft.

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I've never seen it stated like this but that is exactly slavery

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The Vatican has had a long history of taking advantage of it. Back in 2019, 3 out of the 4 biggest banks in the world were controlled by apprentices of the Jesuits.

President Macron and the current governor of the Central Bank of France are apprentices of the Jesuits.

The chairman of the Central Bank of Peru is a Jesuit apprentice.

The Central Bank of Kenya is governed by the Roman Catholic Opus Dei member Patrick Ngugi Njoroge.

The Jesuits had such control over education and were known as such a nasty group that they were feared by the richest European oligarchs:

“The Jesuits … they have the College of Nobles where almost all the eons of the Roman Nobility are educated in the principles of Jesuitism; … In the subterranean Church of the Gesu is a ‘Congregation of Nobles,’ in which are assembled all the Roman Nobility; the Jesuits are their Directors, Confessors, and Preachers, and by this means they have become masters of the Aristocracy.”

  • Luigi de Sanctis (1808–1869; Italian Ex-Catholic Priest of the Madellena at Rome.)

"Wealth of Roman Catholic Church impossible to calculate." (National Post 2013)

There's also the constant Catholic and Jesuit effort to push for anti-Semitic propaganda:

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia 1906, the Rothschilds are considered the guardians of the papal treasure.

The Rothschilds allowed the Vatican to use their own money to spread the anti-Semitic myths despite the protests of their own people, causing them to be mocked by other Jewish groups as traitors.

The Jesuits used the Rothschilds to fund the Bolshevik revolution, so not only can they be held accountable for the millions of kills under the Communist regime, but they also supported the anti-Semitic and fascists movements in Europe simultaneously to blame the Jews for creating Communism.

Former Catholic Priest (possible Jesuit) Bernhard Stempfle played a role in the writings of Mein Kampf. A lot of the propaganda of the German regime against the Jews was directly copied from La Civilita Cattolica. The SS was made out to be an imitation of the Jesuit order. Himmler was known as the "Black Jesuit."

The Vatican allowed many National Socialists to get away. A lot of them later helped with the creation of the CIA and were part of many of its operations. Jews are actually discriminated against in the CIA. The CIA itself is actually a Catholic, Jesuit controlled organization.

Former CIA director says that the anti-Semitism of the group is likely a factor in case of the spy Jonathan Pollard. (Fox News 2015)

"Former" CIA Valerie Plame promoted anti-Semitic sites online shared by fellow CIA Philip Giraldi, including accusations of pushing for war through their “control” of “the politicians” and “the media and entertainment industries.” (NY Post 2017)

The Jesuits were responsible for the creation of the anti-Semitic myths, which started with their demonization of the Jews and the Rothschilds in their magazine La Civilita Cattolica as part of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

Make sure to visit s/Jesuits for more info about the order and s/NationalistRevolution if you want to build a resistance.

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Plame was right.

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Only half-true. While Jews are deceptive too, Catholics have the biggest raw power in the end.

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That doesn't matter the majority of bankers are jews

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And only money power matters