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This comes after they announced a new plan for mass deportations of millions. They're literally calling for remigration. They're even calling to revoke citizenship of some second generation migrants. Our talking points are everywhere now.

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Could you imagine if any white country started doing this? It would be such a white pill for every other white country.

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AfD politicians discussed "master plan" to expel millions of people.

At a conspiratorial meeting, influential AfD politicians are said to have discussed a racist plan with right-wing extremists: Millions of people with a migration background should be deported from Germany.

At a meeting at the end of November in a hotel in Potsdam, influential AfD politicians are said to have discussed, together with other right-wing extremists and representatives of the far-right, how they could deport or force out people with a migration background en masse from Germany. Even if they are German citizens.

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Never piss off the Germans. They will kill the shit out of you.

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Extremely intelligent people. Ground zero of both the Protestant reformation and the territorial final solution. Europe's largest economy. Probably the smartest people.

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Their economy is going to collapse, which is good. We need that.

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My grandfather was half german. He was quite proud of the fact even back in WW2.

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No one wants their daughters raped or their sons beheaded. Glad Germans are finally seeing hope for an alternative.

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It's good that Germany and other countries are moving to the right but I fear how the backlash could backfire considering there's a lot of spies mixed in with these movements.

Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the MI6. (The Guardian, 2002)

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Unlike Meloni in Italy, i don't think the AfD is a controlled opposition. But i could be wrong.

The party is pro-Israel.[14][207][208] AfD supported the decision of US president Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, as stated by AfD's Petr Bystron. Despite AfD's pro-Israel stance, the State of Israel has boycotted the party and refuses to hold ties with AfD.[207] The party was divided over the 2023 Israel-Hamas war, with party leader Chrupalla condemning the 2023 Hamas-led attack on Israel but calling for diplomacy between the two sides and mourning deaths on both sides, while other MPs, such as Norbert Kleinwächter and Rüdiger Lucassen were critical of Chrupalla's position and openly defended Israeli actions during the conflict.[209] Following the Hamas attack, the party supported cuts in German aid to Palestine via the UNRWA.[210]

They're a kosher puppet like Azov was.

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Most AfD voters are anti-Israel according to polls though, unlike American GOP voters. That's because they mostly come from the atheistic East Germany. Evangelical bullshit isn't a thing in Germany so the only reason to support Israel is holohoax guilt, which is not going to be common among nationalists obviously. But the politicians all suck Israel's dick because the German elite treat that as a national religion. Olaf Scholz even said the purpose of Germany's existence is to protect Israel.