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u/HibikiBlack it's either muslin or pagan/protestant larp. What we know about the Catholic Church today is the post Second Vatican Council, which was another internal blow that the Church suffered with Cardinal Bea (Jewish) as the main author of the reform. Roman Catholic influence in Ukraine is minimal, or almost non-existent. Many Jews use the term Catholic for their own interest, spreading the abomination of "Judeo-Christian culture" throughout the West. It's the same as saying that Arabia today is what represents Islam, we know that it isn't, and we know that the Saudi prince has Jewish roots. The interest surrounding Ukraine is purely Zionist, Zelensky was elected with the millionaire maneuvers of another Jew, Ihor Kolomoyskyi. Zelensky once declared that he "wanted to make Ukraine a great Israel". Why wouldn't the US support Ukraine? Today the USA is a vassal country of Israel, it has no autonomy, as the Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal himself revealed that "“Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man .”, Netanyahu himself also admitted that "America is a thing you can move easily". The USA has no other option than to follow all pro-Zionist global policies, the same people who destroyed Ukraine are the same people who command the USA .

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And just like that people are going to ignore Zelensky's CIA (Catholic) ties since he was small, the CIA's support of the anti-Semitic groups, and the apathy of the Jewish oligarchs over there while Jewish communities get assaulted by those neo-nazis while they continue to be funded by the intel groups despite the protests of the Israelis.