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Modern Germany is not a sovereign nation with an independent foreign policy, it's a puppet of the U.S.

Not just Germany.

However, German political obsession is not something new. A few years ago they were obsessed with Greece blaming the country for all EU financial problems, despite the fact that Germany cooperated with the corrupted regime and even literally provided asylum to Christoforakos of Siemens fame.

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Not to mention spreading the disgusting lie that Greeks are lazy. They literally work some of the longest hours in Europe. What the EU did to Greece was nothing short of financial terrorism.

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If you look at those who are part of the corrupted regime, you can easily come to the conclusion that Greeks are lazy. There are thousands who have it easy and their only job is supporting the activities of the political system, which has the full support of the German government. Take the family of the PM for example, his niece was recently found to participate in a multimillion 'investment', where did this money come from? Or his nephew who, after failing to get reelected as mayor of Athens, was suddenly made a professor at Harvard with no career in his life besides being part of this political system.

For the rest, life is a constant struggle of making ends meet while being subject to whatever the corrupted system decides.