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I never liked him, even before people found out who he was. I'm not at all surprised he's Jewish, but I would dislike him regardless. It's funny how people figured out he was Jewish without him ever saying or doing much that really hinted at it. In the end he not only turned out to be a Jewish, but a raging zionist. He clearly seems like controlled opposition to me. He is some kind of social sciences professor at an Ivy League school, and yet even after he got doxxed he was never fired, cancelled or really harassed, which is extremely suspicious as many people have been completely cancelled and destroyed for far less. Could just be Jewish privilege, but I doubt it.

BAP is Jewish, and we live, struggle, and persist in a world created by Jews.

They didnt create it. They are corrupting and destroying it. Not all Jews, but the majority of the ones who have power and influence.

In the end it's amazing how right a lot of alt righters were about Jewish power. Almost everything they said about it has been proven right the last several years, and more evidence just keeps piling up every day. Even a lot of lefties are coming around to that after watching zionist psychopathy in real time in Gaza, and the fact they are getting cancelled too is proof that its not "the left" driving cancel culture and censorship, its Jewish power. You can recognize a lot of the same unhinged hatred towards whites they display towards Arabs, and really any group that opposes them on anything. Most leftists are way too conformist to ever really oppose Jewish power effectively though, which is why Jewish power has been so masks off on punishing any of them that openly support Palestinians.

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He's the absolute fucking worst

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Better than Fuentes. At least BAPs book and editorial writings are good. His podcast is mostly good too. His social media persona is his worst feature and he is probably a homo.

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I don't see ANYTHING good about BAP. Fuentes is absolutely horrid on domestic policy but his geopolitical alignment (pro-Russia, pro-Palestine) is based. There really needs to be someone in the DR who passes all three litmus tests for being based: supporting Russia, supporting Palestine and not being a fucking cringe incel (or incel-adjacent "Christian Nationalist"). Fuentes passes the first two but utterly fails the last.

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My favorite BAP memory is how the only time he advocated Whites to collectivize was to oppose the Palestine protests