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I haven't read any of the above mentioned sources, but here are a few ideas.

There will be a coming "One world government" and it will require certain things in "allegiance" to it as status quo for being a "good global citizen".
Clearly, social credit and digital currency, global reset where "no one owns anything, but everyone is 'happy' " will be a thing.
Only those who kowtow to certain "ideals" will obtain good citizenship status and enough social credit to both have a "universal guaranteed income" and the right to travel without borders. Anyone resisting will be locked down and a citizen of nowhere or a non citizen person non grata.

With the advent of personal drones with hive networking and ubiquitous 5g Internet of things prevalence/saturation there will be nowhere to hide as AI and drone operators can pick your face out of crowds, from you sitting still thinking you're camouflaged into landscape, etc.

Since cash won't be a thing, presumably and you won't in good conscience qualify as a "good global citizen" the best one can hope for is living inside an active volcano and farming the earth, bartering, and starting a fun new caveman society.
Of course, there could be a huge counter culture of pattern obscuring clothing and algorithm fooling techniques to put global camera systems and AI off your trail/tail along with high powered cellphone jammers, but if you have a large enough footprint, they will come for you.

Eventually leagues will have to be formed. The enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of arrangement.
Bartering will be a thing. Know what you can do, and what it's worth to your neighbor, and pray you can trust him, but be prepared if he turncoats you and watch out for a shiv in the back.

If you've got a mate and a family, train them now. Tough times are coming.
If you can't trust your spouse...
Make sure your kids know what to look for, look out for, and how to protect not only themselves but the next weakest of your pack.
Forage. Learn scouting, orienteering, jamming, jacking, hacking, DIY, maker culture. Scan signals and piggyback communication so you can fly just under the radar.
Constantly be on the move, have decoys.... own old technology, faradays etc.
Always know the topography so that you can quickly create a portal/quicksand to disable a darpa bot.

These are just some thoughts.

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This post was updated a week ago
Do you or u/Vulptex have anything to add on this pressing topic?

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It's already here.

It's been here since the beginning.

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It's already here.
It's been here since the beginning.

Meaning: Let it continue?

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As a physically disabled individual, there are only a few things I can do: turn my mind into a booby trap for guvment assholes, and invest in silver and gold. Of course the second requires money and as a disabled person, money isn't exactly abundant.

Also, seeds. They are engineering a famine, and seeds (of food plants obviously) will become very valuable, and an excellent currency of exchange.

And on top of that, pre-industrial revolution tools, hand-driven, and KNOWLEDGE on how to do things in a pre-industrial context.

If the guvment assholes don't take electricity away from us, and I promise you they will try their damnedest, then the next Carrington level solar flare directed at Earth will take care of that, and PERMANENTLY. We're due for that any moment.

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turn my mind into a booby trap for guvment assholes

teach me your ways

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This cannot be taught by one person to another, it also cannot be learned, but it can be taught by someone to themselves. It requires a near-infinite intelligence and at least 40 years time.

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A really great place to ask this would be in the 1980s when they believed that AIDs was the biblical last plague and satanic panic was everywhere.

Another great person to ask would be the 1990s militiamen who believed that Clinton would "Continuity of Government" a giant collapse. One guy, Tim McVeigh, had some great ideas.

You could also ask the 9/11 patriot act truthers who knew, they just knew, that the government was organising a collapse, and they were proven right in 2008 when it didn't happen but felt to them like it might.

Also in 2008, satan himself became president, and he has all kinds of plans to trigger the collapse with the Obama Youth and Jade Helm.

You could also try asking people who were certain, absolutely certain that covid was the big collapse.

You could ask the folks who knew deep down that vaccines would cause the collapse.

Or the 2021 financial dip.

Lots of people who knew in their bones that the Shit was about to Hit The Fan in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s and so on.

Actually in the year 999, Christendom was preparing for Christ to return and cause a collapse next year. So you could delve into history too, and read about all the people who were certain the collapse was about to happen.

Don't get too deterred, though, about all those people being incorrect and wrong.

Because unlike them, you feel correct and they probably didn't

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You're full of good ideas.

We could also ask the Jehovah's Witnesses and study the Heaven's Gate members.

Unfortunately, doom is imminent. Luckily, we have so many other instances where doom was imminent to study.

This time it's for realsies tho.

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What sort of backward arsed logic is this? It’s this sort of circular reasoning of David Hume: all known claims of miracles have been false. Therefore if an event is claimed to be a miracle it is rational to assume it isn’t without further investigation. This silly reasoning means that when a real miracle happens you claim it isn’t because miracles never happen.

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That's not quite a good example.

A better one would be:

  • 50,000 small town church vicars have claimed that their Virgin Mary miraculously cries and it's a miracle

  • so the Vatican have a specialised squad of statue checkers who go down a checklist of verifying whether it's a miracle or really crying

  • you're certain that the statue in your small town church is miraculously crying

  • the Vatican send their guy and he works down the list.

  1. The guy in the other town was wrong about the miracle because he is blind. Let's check whether you have your glasses or contacts in

  2. Another person was wrong about the statue because they left it next to an open window and some condensation occured. Let's check if your statue is near an open window

  3. Another vicar thought their statue was crying but actually a pipe burst right above it. So let's verify your plumbing is sound

And it turns out you not only have shit plumbing but you live in Louisiana and you're blind as a bat.

In the example which you gave,

  • people discard miracles as fake all the time (...people were wrong about the collapse all the time)

  • therefore people discard the current miracle as also fake, even though they didn't check ( you shouldn't just assume the current prediction of collapse is fake without checking)

My example is different.

  • vicars were demonstrably incorrect about miracles before and we've learned how to assess their claims about miracles with a checklist (....morons were demonstrably wrong about the collapse before and we can see why, what caused them to be wrong)

  • the same checklist proves you're an idiot and so the current miracle is fake too (...we can see you're making the exact same mistakes made by the morons in the 80s, 90s etc)

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Dude, that's actually hilarious and well written. I like your sarcastic style and you've made quite a good point.
Of course you didn't go back far enough, but you adeptly demonstrated knee jerk reactions to changing times throughout the late 20th century. Well done.

But for debate's sake, and again I readily concur you've made an excellent point and quite humorously, do you think a league of nations or a UN is a step that is somehow different than all other forms of national co-operation?
I ask this because whether this step has been wrong, or right, if there is a marked change in the trajectory of mankind's self determination and mindless squabbles, to a one world-government, how might such an organization operate?
Would it operate with a tight budget, or excesses and abuses? Would it be fair, or would inherent biases be baked in because member nations and individuals that make those nations have their own biases?

I for one, honestly would like your answer, comedy aside.

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There used to be thirteen colonies and they probably asked the same questions about a One Continent Government.

"Will the Federal government be operated fairly or with excess and abuse?" Is probably definitely something they worried about in the 1700s

In that case, they applied their brainpower to the problem, and even though their solution was deficient and needed a civil war to partially optimise, they found a good pattern

Some with any One World Government IMO

We're capable of figuring it out

Edit - I mean, basically we already have 10% of a world government anyway. If you think about what tasks a world government would actually be constituted to do - we already have a World Postal Union, an international bank of settlements, a world heath organisation, world bank, etc etc.

These bodies have a existed since world war 2, and they're basically doing part of the tasks we'd constitute a world government to perform.

And it's fine. God didn't smite us. There's no tower of Babel. Just normal humans doing normal society things like setting regional development goals and tarrifs and striking mutual service agreements and so on

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There's a global post office? Hm, did not know. TIL

Sure, all of the other things sound fine, and I emphasize "sound": tariffs, world bank of settlements, great.
But the world bank? People on here would argue that the world economic summit/monetary fund are inherently bent of making the 99% serve the less than 1%, and employ government shakeups, coups, destabilizations.

They, and possibly I, would find your stance of "together we can!" when we pool our global resources and natural penchant for good and progress slightly naïve. It's not to say there aren't good ideals there, but at what cost do we say, "If you don't toe the line..."?
And this, I will admit, is a rare exception but what about the pygmies and the head hunters and the cannibals out there? Just as in the US there is an uproar over what place the Electoral College has and what weight to give less populated states vs more populated, additionally most of the "civilized world" would not choose to rub shoulders with cannibals. But to them, it's their way of life.

Could there be some things that might be unsurmountable? You wrote the cival war was a 'tweak' (my words) or a "partial optimization", then in lieu of that, skirmishes and wars are just a step forward to better optimization?
I don't mean to strawman your argument, so if you feel that's unfair characterization--it's not my intention, feel free to clarify the subtleties.

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If tribal people's live fine today, with Rwanda or Papau New Guinea being members of the WHO, WTO, IBS, IPU, all the other supranational organisations ..... Why would formalising a global government out of all those acronym entities be hampered by the existence of tribal peoples.

They would presumably have all the same national legal protections as they receive today - but if we're going to talk law then we need to define what we mean by "one world government"

In America today there's the concept of the tenth amendment. The federal government only has the exact powers and areas of responsibility that are on an itemised list. If some function of governance is not on the list - then it's the domain of state governments instead of federal.

That's basically exactly where we live today in terms of "one world government". We have defined the functions of the world government and everything else is the domain of national level.

Just look at this list

Everything there is super frickin useful. Civil aviation. Telecoms. The mail!

We basically live in the world of benevolent global government, today, and we don't even realise it

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Again, good points.
I want to raise this question, or ask precisely two rhetorical questions, not at all to insult your intelligence but rather, because I think you may arrive at a similar conclusion as I am inclined to (arrive at).

When we increase government, do we increase efficiency, or will we have gross oversights in expenditure multiplied exponentially?

And the second question is, since the past model of the UN and global governance has been Weak nations are given exceptions (as in the United States and other "colonizer" nations like England, etc have "raped and pillaged the planet" much to Captain Planet's chagrin) because things like global carbon taxes are either a good thing, or a thing that 1st world nations were given a pass on but 3rd world nations won't be therefore 1st world nations will have to foot the bill. So, all the industrialized nations have poured into the UN (with the US vastly outpacing most other 'civilized' nations) and the poorer nations have cha-ching collected just as is happening still, but with a leveling of the playing field and a destabilization of America and the west, and instituting a "guaranteed universal income" wouldn't the power dynamic shift?

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Sorry did you just ask me that ....If the current powers were destabilised and there was a dispersal of universal power to all the humans - then would the power dynamic shift? Yeah of course it would, when you set the question up like that

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Guess what I put was longwinded.
What I was working at:
If the nature of the UN changes from a governmental support agency with recommendations and committees that can now be ignored
to an actual government with requirements on individual citizens and enforceable via the typical "carrot and stick" methods (the carrot being universal guaranteed income, and the stick being lockdowns on travel, internet use, "luxury" item sales)
do you think the power dynamic then will shift?

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Take the shit out your mouth and try again

I think this is a white fragility thing? You're asking, what will happen to all the poor white people if they have to live in a world with other people?

I think that's what you're saying, once we strip the junk

But I don't want to put words in your mouth. Are you asking me how your white fragility will be protected if there's a world government?

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Nah, skillet, we done.
I'm polite to people who are polite,
one's that are not? Can f' right off.
I get why you get hate on this site, sox is it? You're a dipshit. I can't help if you have sub-par reading comprehension.
You eat all the fecal matter you want, count me out amigo.

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Stockpile p'taters..... lotsa p'taters!

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Butt onlee eats the meat of the tater! All then nutrientz iz in de tater meat!
If the great tater famin dun taught us nuttin its dat when da meat and taters is gone, make the taters the meat! An the booze fer the stomick!

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Read up on Stoicism. You can only control what you can control. You need to make choices around events that happen in your life - wise choices.

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Read up on Stoicism

According to Wikipedia:
"Stoicism.. is a philosophy of personal virtue ethics"
"The Stoics identified the path to *eudaimonia" (happiness, lit. 'good spiritedness') with a life spent practicing virtue and living in accordance with nature"
"To live a good life, one had to understand the rules of the natural order since they believed everything was rooted in nature.
If so, perhaps you may like my update especially my nutshell summary

You also wrote:

You can only control what you can control. You need to make choices around events that happen in your life - wise choices.

Direct Change is about everyone making change that he/she/they can control - in their own lifes.
Everyone gets to decide the company they keep - "company' includes paradigms, values, behavioral habits
Everyone gets to decide whether they want to

  • continue with the usurping, Corporate, Hierarchical, Pyramidian🔺Paradigm
    -- it serves only those at the top whilst subjugating those at the bottom, or

  • discard it for an usurpation-free paradigm which in my opinion would be represented by the shape of the natural universe
    -- something perhaps the Stoics would be fully onboard with

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barter bait

extended family





survival books


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Put all your money into bitcoins

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And remember your cryptographic key, amiright?
But what about the EMPs!!!

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Update to post:

Regardless of whether you believe:

  • there is an agenda for eliteDom 3.0, or not
  • the agenda is working, or not

this is factual: We are in eliteDom @ usurperDom

Q: Are you for real freedom: usurper-free, elite-free?
If you are, then let's pursue it together with gatekeeper-free, Direct Change for Direct Systems

  • to shift from the current system - to minimize, nullify its impact
  • to thrive in our new system

In short, let's:
Turn away from Evil - shun usurpation
Do Good - focus 100% on our own agenda
Strive for Peace with All Your Heart - to prevent our emotions being used to hijack our rational mind