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Don't worry about having no experience. If you're doing something wrong, we can see and will publicly shame you. No pressure! ☺

Edit: Please get more people on here. This is quite possibly the most important sub created so far, because it's the first with a chance of breaking the present monoculture.

Edit 2: Wow, it's not the first of these subs; just the first to get remotely popular.

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Hooray pure transparency! Not terrifying at all. I'm not worried about having to be a mean mod or anything because this sub is about a hobby that is mostly pretty kind people but on a site/app I'm still learning to use it's definitely a bit intimidating.

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How do you create a new subsaidit? Sorry, I'm a n00b here. Also, congrats! If I run into any fishermen I'll send em your way.

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Welcome! Once your account is 2 weeks old you can create a sub.

You can read more stuff like that here:

And read more about the story of saidit here:

All this is in the links in the footer of every page

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With new updates following when I like: