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I had a half eaten whataburger in my car for almost three weeks.

I microwaved it and ate it.

It had a tangy moldy taste to it and I caught a slight buzz but I am good.

I am busy making out my last will and testament in preparation for my wake and funeral

Invitations go out in tomorrows mail.

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I ate part of an expired can, and I was A-OK.

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i figured out how to track the ip addresses of visitors and to see traffic logs to any saidit thread.

its so simple..

i dont really care about such things, and so i am not going to do it.. but its kinda sneaky and kinda cool, but lame at the same time.

i did a test of it last night and saw traffic from some .LV(dot LV) isp and a few from england and one from russia.. it gives me your ip address and it even tells me if you are on whatever browser and what your battery level is.


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A robust metabolism can be a lifesaver.

Your body doing the shit for you, you can't yourself, sadly, so to say.

Especially with "drugs".

When able to, i'd try really hard to not eat rotten stuff though.

That is why all my traps are built to catch their prey as alive as humanely possible.

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Gross bro