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Nice, I just put a very small blueberry bush in a couple weeks ago. It only has like 10 leaves so far, but it's growing. I also put in some grape vines that are also super young. Hopefully in a year or two I'll have some good fruit coming in

Interesting about these berries though, haven't heard of some of those.

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this will be a first time for me too. i have two of these, two honey-berries, two goji berries, an aronia and a blueberry in pots. i dug the holes and have the manure, i just need to figure out what to put where. the gojis needs no watering, so they will go to the part of the garden i cant reach with the hose. but they all need good sun if i want a harvest.

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Nice, I've tried goji berries before and they all died outdoors in the texas summer. Mine are all in the ground. Maybe I'll give honey-berries a try, that sounds interesting!

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uh-oh, honeyberries are for zone 2-7 iirc they are from siberia / canada ?

i already planted everything, having a rest now.

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I only tried one goji berry, so I can't say I really have a good sample size though :P

Yeah I'm in zone 9 so I definitely can't do honeyberries I guess! Every year is a new experiment lol.

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try partial or dappled shade next time?

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