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Yeah sorry it's broken and will probably stay that way. The backend for that page is a nightmare and takes a lot of server resources so we haven't seen a good way to fix it. But if someone wants to dig through the code and help us fix it, then I'd be willing to incorporate the code in to our codebase

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u/d3rr - wondering if you could also add this to the SaidIt issues/priority list? It's still something I would love to see updated at some point in the future, especially as the site grows.

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im happy to add this to github. this is super hard though and without additional devs it will probably never happen. same with automod enhancements. if you want to try to code it up i can assist.

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Thank you!!!

I'm more of a front-end coder myself. I enjoy certain languages on the back-end, typically OOO, but am not a dev. I WISH I could help, I totally would, I just don't have the skill and would muck things up even worse.

I understand these things may not happen anytime soon, and/or not until much later in the future, or maybe not even at all. I appreciate you adding them to the list though, so they don't get forgotten, and maybe other helpful users/devs in the future can assist.

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I agree, having these things as clear issues and feature requests is the way to go. Thanks for caring.

I'm hoping that the /s/freedit fork with take off, more devs will become interested, and this code base can live on. The architecture and feature set* is way more advanced than all of the other reddit alternatives, so it's kinda worth saving.

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For other readers, here is one of those features. RES for saidit.