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Contact an admin, and ask to be added a a mod?

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Is there a specific procedure or we just message them?


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    /u/magnora7 messages M7 so he'll see this. I've seen @ a few times this week, but I don't think it works. M7 can clarify.

    /u/Duc_Nouquemme signed up March 17, 2019 and created /s/france but did not post nor comment and disappeared, and much like /s/canada (also without a capital) was abandoned, you permitted it to be "reclaimed", and now /u/lestratege, saiditter for 22 days, wishes the same.

    As a co-mod of /s/Canada I've invited every Canadian I come across to co-mod, including Québécois who hate Canada in hopes they'll speak their gripes freely. I would hope /u/lestratege might do the same, but that's not up to me. Co-modding /s/Canada with 7 others, I've not actually seen any moderation there, /s/canada/about/log, other than applying a banner and CSS.

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    Thanks for the info. There's no hurry because the sub is not super active but in case it does I would hate to see it goes the way r/France went. There's no need for two super politically correct France subs ...

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    I don't think SaidIt will ever become close to as bad as Reddit.

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    You can't claim subs.

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    Seems like there should be a process for this. Users disappear, and if the mod for a subreddit is awol then the sub can't be maintained at that point. Why leave it sitting when someone who wants to build a community out of it is willing to step up to the plate?

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    Just make a new sub like /s/fr or something, if you want a French language only sub

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    Well it is about France, not about a French language only. English would be permitted.

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    Oh then there is already /s/France

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    Geez. Didn't realize these were case sensitive...

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    They're not

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    Indeed. So it is indeed the sub I'm talking about. It's not urgent or anything but if there's an official process, that would be nice. The user who founded it just disappeared without posting or commenting...

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    The process is that mods don't really matter in empty subs, often have too much power anyway, and to just post what you want to the sub if you want to see it grow.

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    Yeah I get that hence there is no urgency. The problem might be along the way, if the sub takes off and the original mod comes back, then he does whatever he wants with whatever others have done with the sub. I have seen it on reddit.

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    Well that's why saidit has rules for moderators, which reddit doesn't have at all:

    If a user reports that mod that comes back as breaking any of those rules, then we get rid of that mod.

    So really it's not a problem on saidit.

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    I recommend you try again eventually, and say that you want to add a custom CSS theme and a banner. You can't do that without mod powers. Of course you'll be a liar if you don't follow through. If you need a hand, you can ask me, or /s/CSS or /s/SaiditCSSthemes, or anyone on SaidIt who is mod of a sub with some custom flourishes on their sub(s). Also cite the time it was granted for /s/canda as described here: /s/help/comments/5lwh/claiming_an_abandoned_sub/lqt9 It didn't happen immediately. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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    what makes you think he is inactive, maybe he's just a lurker

    how do we see when someone was last online, there's need to be more transparency in this site