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I lurk there all the time but I do not have an account. If you sign up (which in principle I think is pretty easy) it is heavily advised that you take extreme precaution including proxies etc. Every now and then Null announces some kind of legal drama he's facing, including having all his hard drives potentially subpoenaed.

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It's invite only now.

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Interesting, I hadn't realized that. It wasn't last time I checked.

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Because they had that thing that said "sensitive info for members only?" That made me want a membership too. But honestly, that's not my kind of site. They obsess over trainwrecks of people online. Just good for mass shootings mostly.

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Yea. I don’t know ho to use the site.

Like how do I find good content like the live stream Of the mass shooting. I don’t know how to search the site or just see videos.

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They have the video linked right on the first post here: The 7 minute one is all that's available: actually maybe I shouldn't post that publicly on this site, it's under a spoiler tag you have to click there.

It's hard to search for these things because most the goddamn search engines won't show you relevant results with regard to sensitive content like this. I just knew if it was going to be posted anywhere, those dudes would find a way.

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I have read that before and wondered WTF it is. Seems pretty random.