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Just eat a tide-pod after you microwaved it.

But this supposedly only works while you wear your platinum-"tinfoil-style"-hat and when doing this between 13:37 and midnight.

Trump-approved method, i promise.

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I hope you have an uneventful experience with the bug. All the best to you and yours. I mean that sincerely.

For those reading this thread who have not had the bug yet, please take note of this. It's better to get access to the drugs before the course starts. I had ivermectin on hand six months before covid finally caught me (27 months into this trip we've all been on). In my part of the country, there is a practice (found through FLCCC, as HongKongPhooey put up) who will prescribe ivermectin prophylactically. Wonderful people.

In truth, part of the challenge of this environment is having faith in any given treatment. For some people, they take no treatment at all and come through quickly. Our physical condition before coming in contact with covid makes a huge difference, probably the determining difference.

So I honestly don't know if ivermectin and antibodies (the two treatments I treated myself / was treated with) were the determining factor. I was fortunate. A couple of days of moderate fever (102) and then recovery from the systemic tiredness from that fever. Within 10 days, fine, right along the guidelines.

Was that because of the ivermectin? I have no idea. I noticed no "wow!" difference when I started taking it, and I also noticed no "wow!" difference with the antibodies.

But I do know it was important to my sense of control to have something on hand with which to address the bug. The most frustrating element of the "covid hysteria" that has gripped the US since 2020 is the stubborn unwillingness of the majority of the medical profession to offer early (immediate) treatment to people who are actually sick. This is an insane block on the part of organized medicine. Find people willing to treat you, or if you're in a system, find the treatment they will be willing to offer.

Long story short, whether or not these drugs (those listed in the title) actually work is hard to know (because Pharma has thrown massive sand in the gears of doing honest research into them). But if you haven't had covid yet, find a way to get access to the treatments before you get the bug. It offers a lot of peace of mind to be able to do at least something rather than sit on your ass and wonder if yours is going to be one of the bad cases. Plan ahead, please, for your sake.

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Although, ya know, my wife when she got it was just told to take OTC cold medicine. You might be overthinking this.

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you got covid means you were dumb enough to take a test for covid. i mean how do you know you have "corona virus disease"? are you suffercating to death?

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    Just be careful because there might be other health issues there, and the test is "coincidentally" positive. Like when your body is weak for other reasons and you test positive for some virus without this virus being the main reason for your sickness.

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    I felt like complete dog shit. Like the worst head flu and everything ached terribly.

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    They have a network of doctors and pharmacies that will help you

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    They ship from India, and it takes a few weeks so you'd be better before the shipment arrived, but for anyone else looking:

    Zinc + Quercetin is another option you can get over the counter.

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    Is it bad? I have had it and i just soldiered through without any help. No problem.

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    Drink water. Lay down. Get well soon. It’s worked for millions of years

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    Zpack is azithromycin, 500 mg the first day, 250mg the next four. You should be able to purchase this readily as fish antibiotic.

    However, it's like $40 to call up a doc in a box like Teledoc and have their monkey ass simply prescribe you all this and you can pick it up at the pharmacy.

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    Currently available in VA, WV, and NC.
    Spouse just got the monoclonal antibodies today.

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        The latest variant is more mild than the flu.

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        I took the aids meds and in 2 days I was out jogging.

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          yup it was called Paxlovid. makes your mouth taste like shit and you feel a little tired but it just stops the covid dead. or at least did for me. i did have to kinda be forceful with the doc in order to get it due to the fact that its really for when you are super fucked. i was feeling super shitty but not fucked according to him.

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          The trouble with that one is sometimes you get covid right back after you stop taking it (termed "rebound"). In some ways this is an impressive result compared to other medications that don't to anything unambiguous at all, but obviously it's frustrating and unfortunate if it happens to you.

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          It's interesting you say that because I did stop early because I was just not into taking AIDS medicine. They gave you 5 days supply I stopped after 3 days and then felt weird. So I finished the last two days and I was fine. I did have residual covid symptoms for about a week but nowhere near as bad as I felt while I had the fucker.