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This isn't mine, I didn't make it. But it seems pretty accurate. I'd move NPR a bit more to the left, and I'd put NBC, CBS, and ABC news all below the BBC.

CNN's placement is accurate, lol.

Also I'd put RT (international) just to the right of the BBC. And Al Jazeera English quite to the left of AFP, but still high in quality. Those aren't on the chart, but should be.

This is the reason I mostly read Reuters now, it's one of the most neutral and informational sources around, at least that I can find. It will sometimes lie by omission with a liberal slant (or under-report something to hide it) but that's relatively rare, I've found. And then I use a conservative-leaning news sources, and international sources, to cross-check the story to make sure I'm not missing any angles if it's something I really care about.

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Shouldn't it be flipped or is Mirror World status quo. CNN is the equator? I do not see how. And BBC is the propaganda arm of UK Govt. I would not believe anything from the WaPo nor Time or Guardian. BuzzFeed is a bottom feeder. Color me Evidence Biased.

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CNN is relatively neutral in left/right partisanship but low in quality, which is why it's not at the top. I agree with what you say about WaPo and Time and Buzzfeed.