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Because modern scum consider cryptos to be a preferable alternative to gold, so this competes with gold and drives its price down. This is why I am not buying precious metals.

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Rich people are buying up houses.

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Yep. Capital is cheap right now if you're able to tap into it. Might as well trade it for something lasting.

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Companies too.

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Gold is a good investment. It's a hedge against hyperinflation, basically when money isn't worth anything gold still will be.

It's not something you should expect huge returns from in a few months time. Or even a few years unless something really fucked up happens, but then the stock market won't matter (see buying physical bullion).

You can see the spike of gold early in the pandemic and then it calmed down. That was it I guess.

Probably doesn't help money is streaming, billions, in and out of crypto every day.

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I think gold will go up, not in terms of a big increase which may be a bubble, like with bit coin