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Glad to be here as well. Fuck Reddit.

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Yep, reddit blows

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You could only be on reddit after 2015 by making massive compromises in your integrity.

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Same here. Gay dude who got banned on r/LGBT . What a joke. They ban LGB people from our spaces, take over like it subs, and then say we're being transphobic. Can't deal with the TQ+

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Hi to all my Super brether- and sister-en! I'm glad to be part of the LGBS community, we are stronger together. As part of the S-wing, I love my Super LGB compatriots, platonicly.

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Updating to say those slick bastards do track your accounts I waited forever then commented in LGBT again and got the permanent ban for ban evasion. Was worth it.

RIP Betafishfight

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Just joined a few minutes ago after a recommendation from a fellow super straight redditor, Main account is on a 3 day ban for a benign comment on a month old post (what a fucking joke), no loss suffered at this point, we've lost to the best of my recollection: 7/8 Discord servers 4/5 Subreddits 1/2 Twitter accounts

Big tech? more like Big circus. Fuck reddit and their troonie hate brigades, we're just gonna keep making more subreddits while we build our community on alt-tech, they've stopped banning discord servers and they can't even touch mastodon instances.

I digress however, i'd like to thank everyone who was here before me for laying the groundwork on this site, you're all heroes here.

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Fancy meeting you here SpookyDr. It took me a week to catch up, but I appreciate that we have a home here on saidit. We've had dozens of subreddits banned by AHS. I've never seen anything like this before. going down for a couple days is really disconcerting. I haven't seen the TRA's get a private website booted from it's hosting before for posting images and stories found on other public forums. Clown world.