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I'm attacking the renowned elite pedo trump.

You're weirdly insistent on defending him..

Can I please ask you. What's up with this. Why is it that you really need right now to defend a child rapist. Can you at least explain why defending a pedo is so important to you, if not trying to get on the payroll like Dershowitz?

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You’re ONLY accusing Dershowitz of pedophilia because he’s Jewish which makes you an antisemite.

Just like you ONLY called me a pedophile because I’m Gay, which makes you a homophobe.

Just like you call Trump a pedophile because you’re the one who’s actually raping children. All of your accusations are confessions. Every single one.

In fact, your obsession with Epstein is starting to look more and more like antisemitism as well. You’re using this to reinforce ancient antisemitic blood libels about Jews.

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Two of the lawyers on President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team have shared another client: Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr both helped the late hedge fund manager and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein win a lenient sentence for abusing underaged girls.

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More lies. More blood libels. More racism to cover up your own pedophilia.

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Yeah that's about the weak prosecution.

By Acosta.

Who trump made labor secretary.