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i am not familiar with any of these subs, including milliondollarextreme. eli5?

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Milliondollarextreme was the subreddit for a YouTube channel with a focus on ironic humour. It got banned, supposedly, because they were making fun of one of the wives of the Reddit CEO on that same day.

Billionshekelsupreme was a splinter subreddit of milliondollarextreme, and it not only shunned r/milliondollarextreme (e.g. "the state of the main sub is atrocious") but was also private. This was banned for being a "copy" of r/milliondollarextreme, despite BSS having evolved into its own community and culture after several months of separation.

GYD/TRR/TRR were also splinters of BSS, and were focused more on a smaller community with different focuses from the main.

MDE2/MDE3 were presumably subreddits that were just meant as backup for the banning of r/MDE. Since MDE2 is a backup channel for the actual comedy group, r/MDE2 might've existed before the ban on 9/11.

HydeNat was presumably a sub for discussing the politics of the comedy group, named after one of its members (Mr. Hyde). I can't say for sure; that's just an inference based on its name. I never actually saw it.

ChadRight was a subreddit focused on self-improvement: working out, eating better, living better, being more mindful and raising intelligence. This was banned for "incitement of violence": as I was a member there and read most of the threads posted, I cannot say I have ever seen an incitement of violence on that subreddit. Perhaps someone posted something there in the few hours after MDE was banned. Even still, the ban was the most unjust of them all.

The main cause for alarm is that most of these subs were brigaded. Reddit users like u/qisnotreal2345 openly bragged about using alts to false-flag subreddits he did not like, and also claimed credit for getting a subreddit banned in the past. He also apparently threatened to dox those who found him out [if you want more information about this please PM me].

There were also various posts in notable hate subreddits dedicated to getting these communities banned. These posts listed all various subreddits as well as links to anything that could be twisted to be conceived of as breaking site rules.

There were at least two posts, one by a moderator, telling users to directly report all listed subreddits to the admins as "copies of milliondollarextreme", listing off any other subreddit remotely similar to r/milliondollarextreme as a copy sub.

r/Bombstrap is a forum dedicated to a former member of Milliondollarextreme (Charls Carroll) and his work - hard to explain but here is an example. This was listed and incriminated as well as being "similar to r/mde". It has not been banned yet.

Now that there is nowhere left, Reddit is presumably worse than dead for all previous members of those subreddits, since they were in essence their own communities and members stuck to those specific communities.

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one of the wives

mormon? :-)

making fun

but yeah, this is what they call in the corporate world as a career limitng move.
thank you for the explanation!

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Sorry, meant the wife of one of the admins. Completely said that wrong.

No problem :)