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Jesus Christ.

The CDC will not protect you from viruses.

The EPA will not stop pollution.

The FAA will not prevent airplanes from crashing.

The SEC will not stop the stock market from collapsing.

The Gestapo will not keep you safe.

Wake up.

Governments kill people.

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What is with the spam advertising pol after the dramatic copypasta? I've seen several accounts doing this the last few days...

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It is a poison pill tactic to make this place look more like voat.

Also they know people know 4chan is 99% cops and so they are trying to lure chan pol people into a thousand different diaspora chans that either bait violence or cp.

Still for 99% cops, there is knowledge to be found on 4chan still. But dang the jannies there let every degenerate thing into pol that is obviously there to slide and push divisive race war narratives and watchlist bait.

See my comment about mods and free speech I just made in a different thread, I go into why this is happening and what it might take to break out of these failing cycles.

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Yeah you might very well be right.

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I do not know the best way to contact you, is this it, just in comments or is there a msg admins?

I am very much judging this site and your work by how well you respond to reports, and how fairly it is enforced.

Check out mr obvious in this thread, he is spouting some really offensive accusations at me, and reports have so far not had any effect:

Also yesterday this was at the top of the front page, now it is not even on the front page, what happened?

Some of the worst shilling I have actually ever even seen, if this is allowed here, then this entire probject is a joke, sadly.

Also, would you be up for an interview regarding administration and the tech of the site, for me to post on my static site?

I will evaluage you primarily by how your represent your own stated values, and answer direct questions directly.

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How do we know they're shills?

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^ Retard shit.

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    Yeah let's elect another CIA tool, great idea. /s

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      you're welcome

      the man is brilliant

      one day he will kill Zuck and lead humanity

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      Elon Musk is succumbing to the disease of being too rich too long. Surrounded by syncophants. Secretly avoided by people with character and backbone. Rants. Drug taking and the cognitive deterioration associated with same. He's floating around in a world that never pushes back on him and all the things ( excluding right-time, right-place-ism) that made him something are decomposing.

      I knew that was true when I saw him on Rogan. He'd been like that a long time.

      This is a guy who's determined that the Musks not wait for their third generation to arrive back in poverty.

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      Can someone link the video if it exisits. The article said it was durning an earnings call so there may not be a video of it.

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      Well, they are.

      Elon, give us the money to remove the governor like they did in Michigan.

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      He's just playing his part like everyone else in this narrative.

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      ...and in other news, he's lost about $14 billion off the value of his Tesla stock today, including $3.5 billion personally.

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      Americans hate freedom with a passion.

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      To be fair, quarantine measures are fascist.

      DHS is fascist, 24 hour tv news is fascist, Trump is fascist, ICE is fascist, FBI cointelpro is fascist, controlled opposition militias are fascist, paid protestors are fascist, I could go on for a long time. Centralized databases on childrens test scores and standardized testing are fascist. The war on terror is fascist. Kushner is fasicist.

      They are putting in place the core elements of centralized control of the entire united states, and world, and you are either part of these control mechanisms or you are taking them apart, and there is no middle ground anymore.

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      /u/magnora7 IP2 OWNS YOU FAGGOT