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The revolution will start this year.

The US is a police state.

One reason Americans didn't resist before was because the economy seemed to be improving. Now that the economy has crashed, Americans can get this party started.

The elites have started to paper over the collapse by printing money, but covering over a bad economy with debt while putting everyone under house arrest will only work in the short-term. The fake recovery is backed by nothing.

The globalists have bailouts, negative interest rates, and will take over the stock market and nationalize businesses. Layoffs, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and defaults are soaring. Confidence and stocks are falling. Sales and orders are plunging.

There will be inflation and deflation. There will be bail-ins, capital controls, and tax increases. Gold and cash will be banned.

Banks will close. ATM machines, the water, electricity, and Internet will soon stop working. There will be starvation and looting.

The ruling class will outlaw guns. Protesters will be shot. Mass shootings at schools and movie theaters will become lone wolf attacks on checkpoints and government buildings. Militias will become armies.

Patriots should buy guns today and move to places that still have some freedom like North Dakota or buy a sailboat. Start a church or use a shell corporation to buy a farm. Adapt. Barter. Smuggle. Eat and entertain at home. Work off the books. Start a speakeasy.

Concentration camps will be opened and the ruling powers will start WWIII with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran to distract Americans.

The collapse will be rapid because the USA is obviously rotten and news travels instantly now. You don't need to wait months for a ship to bring a reply.

The most dangerous people are people with nothing to lose.

The globalists might control Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government, but the 99% have the numbers.

Pass the word.