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I don't think the word "hoax" is appropriate. They definitely made a mountain out of a molehill though.

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I agree. I don't think the word "hoax" is fully appropriate.

Maybe "hysteria". The media, and the companies and governments all over-reacted. And the over-reliance on PCR tests which have a high false-positive rate led everyone to think it was 10x more deadly than it actually is.

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Maybe hysteria?

The WHO, CDC, and the media were all touting a mortality rate that had no basis in reality.

As I posted a month ago:

The CDC uses an additional 36 million estimated cases for seasonal flu.

22,000 deaths from flu divided by 222,000 confirmed flu cases equals a 10% death rate for seasonal flu.


22,000 deaths from flu divided by 222,000 confirmed flu cases PLUS 36,000,000 estimated flu cases equals 0.1% (actually 0.06%)

There was no data to support their 3.4% or 4% mortality rate as they were not taking any asymptomatic or non-reported cases into account when they knew damn well those additional cases were there. Instead they were using deaths over confirmed cases only. As this false mortality rate was knowingly spread, one must assume the intent was to mislead and cause hysteria to lead to the worldwide lockdown we are now seeing.

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Hysteria is common in a feminized society.

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They have more false negatives. It was too hard to get a test too, cuz of Trump.

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Yes they have more false negatives and more false positives. It's an unreliable test and should not have been the basis for national lockdowns and so on. The new antibody tests are much better.

It was too hard to get a test too, cuz of Trump.

How so? It seemed the biggest problem was that there weren't enough tests available and hospitals were only testing those that were dying, basically. Which gave the appearance of these very high mortality rates.

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He was being sarcastic.

There weren't enough tests in America, On Purpose.

The rest of the world suppressed their numbers. We turned it into the biggest insurance scam since 9/11 because America.


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There weren't enough tests in America, On Purpose.

But America had by far the most tests available of any country in the world, according to the stats.

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Are you starting to understand now?

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Kary Mullis himself was disgusted that PCR was used this way. It was never intended for diagnostic purposes of this kind.

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"giant social control experiment perpetrated on the heels of a bioengineered virus no worse than a seasonal flu"

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maybe "laboratory made" ?

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Yes new studies using the antibody test (rather than the PCR test which gives lots of false positives) are starting to show the mortality rate is actually more like 0.3% instead of 3-4%.

So the large number of false positives was one reason things got out of hand. And another reason was the media, as you mentioned. And then also reactionary governments and companies looking to cover their ass, and make sure they're not liable for anything.

The slow-spreading nature of the virus gave everyone time to over-react. And the "100th monkey effect" made organizations and governments close simply because they were copying everyone else. There was a lot of social pressure. Everyone was trying to be safe rather than sorry, but there was definitely a media-led exaggeration of the situation which intensified the reaction from the people, the government, and companies.

So I blame the media, but I also blame the over-use of PCR tests which are known to give lots of false positives. But this point was glossed over so badly, and the tests applied only to dying people, that everyone thought the mortality rate was 10x what it actually was.

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Turning out? Was all along...

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    islam Religious cults rule the world now


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    islam Religious cults psychopathic assholes rule the world now

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    islam Religious cults psychopathic assholes rule the world now want to rule over the universe soon.

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    islam Religious cults psychopathic assholes will cannibalize themselves trying to rule the world now be the sole ruler of the lifeless universe they have created soon.

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    Epic! Thanks for playing along and couldn't agree more. Hopefully saidit gets more recognition with all this creative banter happening tho. It is fon.

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    Yeah, it was fun and I made a new friend whose name I now don't know :0

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    psychopathic assholes (who love hoaxes) rule the world now

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      the nonbeliever's eyes and ears are covered zealot's mind is corrupted

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        Yes! Belief systems are still belief systems no matter what the content.

        ETA: Zealotry can be avoided by engaging in a process of continually observing the mind's movements towards instantiating a limited identity via Point of View, all the while recognizing the limitless vast expanse that is mind itself.

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          It is also possible for an individual to argue against themselves though. But the bigger danger is a collective system built on those singular beliefs and symbols as opposed to an individual "believing" or choosing to not "believe" in them. That monolith collective also generates a self fulfilling mechanism utilizing the energies of people onto future generations so if those singular beliefs are not well thought, you would end up with disaster.

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          this is why I practice non-belief at all times

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          I don't believe you.

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          Thank you. I'll be here all day.

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          That would be a big no. Not everyone is a corrupted zealot.

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          Also true.

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          (Sorry I accidentally deleted my account, am back)

          Another thing is that people have the potential to be zealots in various situations and moments. It is not exactly personal but a lapse in judgement due to situational pressures and available information. Here in the west though, exists a gift of inspiration, availability and innovation that can break that tiresome mold of ignorant fanaticism. Its a gift of inspiration and a curse of struggle, or the curse of inspiration and the gift of struggle (whichever way people choose to see it). But things get pretty awe inspiring here when functions breaks through themselves to facilitate proper renewal, wish more people attempted at it to appreciate that process of life, its certainly a remedy to fanaticism in many ways: just plain old self-reflective Zeal as an antidote to zealotry.

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          I accidentally delete my account everyday.

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          I get it, little white lies on the internet are relatively harmless and fun.

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          Something very evil is happening.

          A few billionaires use the media to run stories 24/7 about the flu and then tell the politicians to make decrees that place everyone in the world under house arrest overnight and tell the Gestapo to enforce the orders.

          The 99% obediently obey the laws.

          You get the feeling that Americans would immediately shoot themselves in the head of the elites told them to.


          Doesn't anyone have critical thinking skills anymore?

          Soon guns will be banned. There will be warrantless house searches. The Internet will be shut off. The US will become Communist. Americans will be required to attend daily Communist study sessions. Americans will either be starved to death in their homes or sent to concentration camps.

          Your life is over.

          American sheep enjoy slavery, but if you have goals, want to be a millionaire, and like to travel, life is a nightmare now.

          The globalists want the world to be impoverished, dependent on welfare, enslaved, and dead.

          Nazis and Commies think the Gestapo are holy gods and Americans are slaves.

          Libertarians think anyone who is not stealing or killing should be left alone.

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          Gosh how I do love me some Washington Times op-ed silliness.

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          Do you think the Coco flu is a pandemic superbug?

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          Nope, it's a psyop. (I know you were asking Nema, but I'm fairly certain you and I are on the same page about this.) I've noticed it's the divide between friends who see the psyop and friends who don't that is the most isolating/distancing. Stay-at-home has nothing on the divide and conquer of this one.

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            Well, Bill Gates sure seems to be the front man.

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            He is Dr Evil aka Mike Myers

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            Agreed. It's a PsyOp.

            IT'S A H. O. A.... PSYOP!

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            Rationally history only proceeds into the same places. Blood flows. All this virus has done is escalate every single societal problem. The longer this rides nobody listens. Governments are without trust. They've taken freedons away. The fatigue draws. Now we're in a global recession. Where is the recovery in mounting debt. The virus hasn't been deadly enough. Because everybody is indebted increasingly. Even if you opened shop tomorrow you're a year or two behind, simple stuff like sports, cinema, holidays etc etc. What happens next tends to be far worse.

            There ain't no flying cars and unicorns. That infrastructure costs. Economy has plummeted. Where is the historical recovery? It always brings another horseman. Or maybe there's something else some other magic. What?

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            So, you agree it's a hoax.

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            There is something, and an agenda. It's not the celebretard selling me, things are gonna get better. That weather yarn of lesser emissions.

            It is currently so much worse. The economy has virtually collapsed. I am curious. What's the quickest way to cause productivity. Now that national systems have been tested within this medium into full capacity?? New systems placed into staggering debt doesn't tend to work.

            About this virus, the hell knows. Simple things, who do you know who is sick. My sister's divorced husband's dad I met once at their wedding, supposedly, got it. Nobody, unlike every year members of my big family will always have the flu when we gather. Family around the country and abroad. Nobody. At the same time there is more than a hoax. Because the cost of it has been greater. A hoax you can laugh at.

            The timing was no accident. I don't believe in coincidence either.

            The response we have never experienced in history. Never before in history, ever, has the entire population, and the rest of the globe, been locked down.

            In actual reply to yourself? They have exposed themself to backlash, and conspiracy. Therefore they're not completely genuine. Hence the assumed hoax. There is no fact on this disease. It changes daily and there has been a cover up and false coverage. Meanwhile they have taken freedoms away. I agree there is concern.

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            Jeff C pointed out that they are stating, "The greif comes in waves".

            They could be indicating a second wave that is an actual pandemic flu.

            It could also be 5G high freq light waves.

            It something else all together.

            Who knows...

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            Hmm 5G is conspiratorial. It isn't the cause of COVID19. Rather an ignorant solution, tracking, facial recognition, monitoring, and enforced lockdown. Forget this crackhead species cravings. The technology industry are worst than drug dealers. Every year products have less lifetime but they've made this species addicted. Because they must have the latest biggest numbers because it's the newest, demanding the latest technology. A foldy phone an even more expensive car, the latest washing machine etc. No sooner has it recylced their brains. All automated cars do. You can't drive and therefore you must have your brain recycled by robots. Being even dumber not smarter. Take any solution today, it has often made it worse. Voice recognition, smart checkouts, automated services. By being this other assumed solution, it's the tech they needed to get renewables working. Quicker speeds and more memory for their dementia, increasing societal problems and inflation from escalating debt, becoming more enforced regulation and monitoring, becoming more automated. The conspiracy has become renewables don't do shit. They use even more carbon, fossil fuels, why fracking and shale oil and even coal have increased, despite somebody else making them, emissions have still increased. But the demand and profit is greater for those enforcing it. Simple Windows 10. Previous products aren't supported and everybody has sooner been forced to use it. Is it better no, but it tracks you much easier. Next year it's Windows X or whatever. It's not enough to change their systems. Far too many people using other means, with energy demanding even more sources for more products not less. As there's also even more population. COVID19 hasn't even dented this species daily, or couple of days, population growth. It isn't even enough to kick start an ecomony plunged into debt. Despite some of them demanding the latest infrastructure. And lying about it. It still needs a factory reset. Historically only wider conflict causes that boost. And less numbers. Not more pointless subscriptions causing even more debt. Societal problems in this pandemic have just increased not decreased. Locking people down has put a matchstick on a dam bursting, or another straw on the camel's back. It hasn't done much apart from escalate every single growing concern. As people start listening less and less where is their control?

            I agree 5G is cancer. Look at the Chinese.

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            If you find yourself agreeing with the Washington Times editorials and letters you need to take a step back and think about how you got to such a place.

            Remember, I am running s/letterstotheeditor dedicated such things. Please stop by

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            Do you believe and accept the following?


            • A dud-superbug was released on the world exists
            • The dud superbug kills fewer people than the regular flu
            • That coincidentally more than half of the government's on the planet accidentally overreacted with a global lockdown

            If so, then...

            you need to take a step back and think about how you got to such a place.

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            Like I said, you probably need to take a step back. When you are agreeing with Alex Jones that is usually a Bad Thing.

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            Do you believe and accept the following?


            • A dud-superbug was released on the world exists
            • The dud superbug kills fewer people than the regular flu
            • That coincidentally more than half of the government's on the planet accidentally overreacted with a global lockdown

            It's this consistent with your viewpoint?

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            Nems isn't going to take the bait and engage. He is aloof and conflict adverse.

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            How is it bait, though?

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            Just observing patterns.

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            I'm not so sure of this.

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            You're not sure of anything.

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            Ad hominem!

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            Man of Straw!

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              We will return.

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                Crimea River

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                Of course the media is blowing it out of proportion, but it's still a serious situation. COVID-19 is several times more deadly than the flu, but not massively so (it's not ebola or anything).

                That being said, the biggest issue with COVID-19 is that it's highly transmissible, is able to overrun the hospitals with patients they can't keep up with, and its a new disease so it has the capacity to infect way more people than any given flu during flu season.

                So not a hoax, but also not as big a deal as the media made it out to be, and now that we're past the issue of hospitals being overrun we can and should start opening up again soon.

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                The US is having a nervous breakdown.

                No one seems to be aware that there might be unintended consequences from placing everyone under house arrest and killing the economy.

                Americans think this virus will go away in two months and then everyone can go back to work, but what if the virus still exists?

                Will a vaccine ever be invented?

                If you're scared of germs, why not just stay inside?

                Should you be forbidden from wearing a baseball hat because someone might be offended?

                Why are abortion clinics open, but churches are closed?

                Did the US shut down the economy when there were flu, measles, malaria, yellow fever, and Ebola outbreaks in the past?

                Should buses be banned because there is a slight chance that you might be hit by one?

                Will people who cannot go to the doctor now because everyone is under house arrest and hospitals are closed die because they can't find out if they have a tumor or not?

                Won't suicides soar because the economy is collapsing?

                Doesn't thrombosis kill people?

                How can you obey the law if masks and not wearing a mask is illegal?

                Won't banks go bankrupt when Americans who can't work can't pay their mortgages?

                Won't growing the debt to pay for welfare and bailouts lead to inflation?

                Won't the chance of a civil war increase when Americans are starving and outraged about the growth of the police state?

                Doesn't fresh air and sunshine kill germs?

                Doesn't being around people build up resistance and immunity?

                If people have a virus and fall down the stairs, will their cause of deaths be listed as an accident or the flu?

                If this virus is so dangerous then why are the Gestapo allowed to go outside?

                Sweden still has freedom, but why isn't everyone in Sweden dead now?

                Do Americans who hate freedom feel like traitors?

                How could Americans fight Communists and then become Communists? Didn't the Soviet Union fail?

                The government closes businesses and then makes work mandatory.

                Have Americans lost their minds?

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                On 2 May 1,691 American hoaxers pretended to die of this virus.

                The day-by-day list is at s/lists.

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                On 2 May 1,691 American hoaxers pretended to died of this virus something. The death certificate procedure has been fraudulently altered to inflate the figures to support the hoax.

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                You should call the police.

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                So they can do what? File a report that they can ignore?

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                Of course, they are in on it. You need to take matters into your own hands. Only you can ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly. Do you have a gun? We are all counting on you.

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                Only you can ensure that the paperwork is filled out properly. Do you have a gun? We are all counting on you.

                Hilarious. ;-)
                I love it.

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                I just saw the most interesting chart that puts things into perspective:


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                The death rate for 64 and under hasn't changed much.

                65+ deaths spiked roughly 500-1000 per week.


                Also, is this a media data set from CBS?

                Please tell me Reddit isn't sourcing from CBS...
                Surely this is a different CBS...

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                OK. So? You sort of figure some deaths ought not to be counted?

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                In normal circumstances older people have a higher natural death rate. Period.

                Although, I have no doubts that the figures presented are fraudulent.

                On top of it all the UK removed Covid from the list of high-consequence infectious diseases. They still maintained the lockdown, which proves the reason for the lockdown is not fear of the disease. The disease fear/panic from world governments is a hoax.


                Status of COVID-19

                As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

                The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

                The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

                This is proof that the plandemic is an overreaction, and a hoax.

                The real goal is totalitarian lockdown of the free world.

                Bro, you are being brainwashed into complicity with their plans. This isn't a personal criticism. You're a smart person. We would welcome your help.