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"The project would kill marine life in about 275 million gallons of seawater per day," This alone right here caught my eye and is important to know. Not to mention the very high costs to treat this water makes this a bad idea to even begin with. Maybe now CA will slow down on its building so many homes since they cannot properly provide for the residents.

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But that's just nonsense. Most of the "marine life" they're referring to are microbes. What do you think happens when your toilet water gets treated? All "marine life" in it gets killed. They're not sucking up whales and dolphins.

You're right about the high cost, but that's true of virtually all desalination plants. However, that's still cheaper than trucking in water from hundreds of miles away.

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If this is the case then what is stopping this committee from approving it? I live. nowhere near CA and do not follow closely but since I have family out that way I do try and keep up with things like the water shortage issues.

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If this is the case then what is stopping this committee from approving it?

For the exact reason they cite. They care more about marine life, in any form, than human life. That's been Democrat's ethos for years.

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The project would kill marine life in about 275 million gallons of seawater per day,

How do you not understand that this is propaganda? Obviously the water that that is going to be pumped into homes is not going to contain marine life. Do you get upset that all the other water treatment plants are killing all life in millions of gallons of water every day?

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Where's the proof this is propaganda? CA may be the land of the fruits and nuts but in the chance this is real then it needs to be done carefully.

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I just explained why it is propaganda. What kind of proof do you want?

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No you didn't. Of course the water pumped into the home won't contain the Marine life as it will be killed as it is brought in and runs through whatever process it go through.

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No it won't LOL california is stupid they'll keep building as long as blackstone or whoever will keep buying houses

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California has a log history of trying to control the population with claims of water shortages. Thier actions with regards to dumping fresh water from reserves into the ocean prove that water shortages are intentional.

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They will continue excessively draining rivers, killing wildlife, and blaming it on global warming.